Atmospheres of Africa in Tanzania, in tented camps for the New Year

Un journey discovering the wilderness and of the millenary traditions of Masai people, in a land full of suggestions. This is Tanzania, the ideal destination for animal lovers with its numerous parks and nature reserves where it is possible to admire them during the safaris organized in their habitat.

THEitinerario offers the possibility of being a few meters away from elephants and look at the giraffe as they grab the leaves of the giant baobabs in Tarangire National Park or spot the king of the savannah in the endless plains of the Serengeti, sanctuary of the great African fauna and made famous for The Great Migration. Without forgetting the lush environment of Lake Manyara, dotted with the pink of the thick flocks of flamingos and the Arusha National Park, from where it is possible to have a splendid view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

To savor and fully experience the More authentic Tanzania, travelers will stay in tented camps equipped with the best comforts, enjoying the exclusive atmosphere of African charm. A unique and particular accommodation, designed to accommodate a limited number of guests, so as to offer a corner of serenity, fully enjoying the surrounding nature and discovering its still hidden aspects.

10 day trip
Group itinerary with expert Kel 12: Gabriele Fiorese
Departure from Milan: December 27, 2012
From 3.850 euro per person
Scheduled flights. Overnight stays in tented camps. Full board. Safari in 4 × 4 cars with sunroof, guaranteed window seat. Local Italian / English speaking guides / drivers. Routes on paved roads and dirt tracks.

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