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Abetone holidays advice

THEAbetone or simply Abetone is a renowned ski resort which is part of a municipality of Province of Pistoia in

Abetone, whose population is about 700 inhabitants, is located in theTuscan-Emilian Apennines (Pistoia Mountains) at an altitude of 1388 meters above sea level and is one
tourist destination very popular even during the summer months.

Abetone what to see

THEAbetone it has a very ancient history even if the first and real settlements date back to the XNUMXth century.

According to the story the Pistoia mountains (Tuscan-Emilian Apennines) had been chosen by Hannibal as a strategic point to direct the advances towards Rome in 217 BC

What is certain is that the fortune of this incredible tourist destination began in 1800 when the Este and Lorena when they created a post office here and in 1904 thanks to the skiing fashion imported from Norway has become one ski resort at the international level.

Abetone where to eat well and spend little

Now let's see which are the major ones places of interest in Abetone:

Abetone Suspended Bridge

Il Suspended bridge it is one of the largest attractions of Abetone and is located on the Torrent Lima a Mammiano Basso.

Regarded as one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world, Suspended Bridge of Abetone it has a height of about 40 meters and a length of 220 meters.

Abetone Lago Nero

Il Black Lake it is a lake of glacial origin in fact its basin is shaped like a basin formed by the excavation of an ancient glacier.

Here you can admire two species of newts (protected species) the crested and the alpine ones as well as golden eagles, marmots and partridges.

Il Black Lake it is easily reachable by following the path 104 CAI white-red what part ofForest Botanical Garden of Abetone and in the surroundings there are also two Refuges.

Abetone Forest Botanical Garden

THEForest Botanical Garden of Abetone is located in the high valley of Sestaione stream, has an area of ​​about 14.000 square meters and was built in the early 80s (it was inaugurated in 1987).

Located at an altitude of about 1300 meters above sea level this wonderful garden hosts many plant species import and species of typical plants of the Apennines which are of considerable scientific interest such as the rare Vedovella.

Abetone discos and night clubs

More things to see in Abetone I'm:

  • The pyramids
  • The Church of San Leopoldo
  • International Peace Monument
  • The Via Francigena

Abetone in winter

THEAbetone is one of the most popular tourist destinations inTuscan Apennines, located on the border between theEmilia Romagna and

It offers a beautiful mountain environment and a large sporting offer.

Abetone is the main center of the homonymous district consisting of over 50 km of slopes, for a total of approx 30 slopes, served by 22 ski lifts.

Abetone plants

Il ski area it is spread over 4 valleys and is divided into three main areas: the first area, facing the Tuscan side of Abetone, consists of the historic slopes of Abetone (Selletta, Fivizzani, Riva); the second area consisting of the slopes on the Emilian side of the municipality (the Zeno, Stucchi, Pulicchio slopes); the third area consisting of the slopes included in the Val di Luce.

The three tracks Zeno they were traced by the original ski champion from Abetone, Zeno Colò.

It should be noted that in addition to the splendid offers for it Alpine skiing, for the cross country, Abetone has two rings of 20 kilometers in length.

Abetone in summer

In estate l’Abetone is undoubtedly a privileged place for those who want to live in contact with the landscape, the plant species and fauna Apennine.

Even in summer in Abetone there is a wide possibility to practice sports.

In particular, we suggest a very nice uphill walk of medium difficulty towards the Open book.

You will also find on site a center equipped for turning in mountain bike, tennis e soccer.

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Offers Christmas and New Year Abetone

For those looking for destinations where they can spend their own Christmas or New Year I recommend reading the GUIDE TO CHEAP CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN ITALY AND EUROPE or for those who intend to spend the Christmas holidays in hot countries or abroad we have for you the GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAYS ABROAD.

Abetone offers and last minute

organize a holiday or a weekend in Abetone choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see HOLIDAY AND WEEKEND FLIGHT + HOTEL OFFERS.

Abetone restaurants

To know the best restaurants, pizzerias, osterie e Inns of the area consult Abetone where to eat well and spend little.

Having fun in Abetone

To know the best locations where to have an aperitif or where to spend an evening full of fun, consult Abetone discos and night clubs.

Abetone pictures and photos


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