A pinch of nostalgia: Italian cuisine in Seville

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I am not the typical tourist who seeks and searches for Italian restaurants away from home, but this time, alas, I tried one strong nostalgia...

Four months away from mom's cooking, as soon as I smelled the smell of lasagna, but of real lasagna, the ones with the pastry, the meat sauce and the bechamel, I couldn't resist.

Taste, Italian restaurant-bar, in calle Alemanes 23, right next to the Cathedral, was the answer to a strangely cold Easter day. The Emilian lasagna, which I highly recommend, the warm croissant with buffalo mozzarella and Prosciutto di Parma they lifted the mood and invigorated the tired palate of the usual strong flavored tapa.

Low cost has little, especially when compared to the tapas bars here in Seville, but € 9 are happy to spend for good food, a refined design environment, helpful and smiling waiters and staff.

I feel like recommending, although I am the first to turn up my nose when I am offered an Italian restaurant in a foreign land, but every now and then it is worth the risk, and in this case the landing is on a soft homemade pasta dish.

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