5 natural beauties for excursions in the Belluno Dolomites

Five recommended excursions in the Belluno Dolomites, to do with the family or alone, for those who love to do sport or simply for those who love the outdoors. Here all the tips.

Le Belluno Dolomites they are a fascinating place first of all for the natural beauty they can offer, practically at any time of the year. In fact, every season the Dolomites give away colors, scents and often also unique experiences of their kind. The beauty of the Belluno Dolomites is that every month they are reborn, giving new colors and unprecedented landscape windows. This because nature regenerates continuously, it changes its appearance while maintaining its innate and intact beauty.

Among the dozens of places that the Belluno Dolomites offer to visitors, there are five that I recommend, because they thrilled me, but also because they are all worth visiting both alone and with the family. Some of these places are to be admired, others are to be explored, one thing is for sure, all are wonderful.

Vincheto di Celarda Nature Reserve

First of all the name, Vincheto. The name refers to a swampy area in which vinchi, the willow branches used as weaving material in the construction of baskets, were cultivated and collected. The Reserve is bordered by the Piave river, the Caorame stream and the Celarda stream. Here you can stroll while admiring semi-wild animals or closed in large enclosures, such as deer, chamois, roe deer and more. The Vinchieto Celarda Nature Reserve is located at a low altitude, is free and free and is a place of peace and relaxation, especially for families.

Cadini del Brenton, Belluno Dolomites National Park

I Cadini del Brenton are found in the Valle del Mis, between Belluno and Feltre. Upon arrival you will find the visitor center and an equipped path that leads to the exploration of the Cadini del Brenton. Here the water is the protagonist and you can see it from huge mufflers constantly dug out of the water, drop by drop. Here there are a succession of shelves that have been created due to a diversity of resistance to erosion of some rock banks. The spectacle that is seen first from above and then from below, following the path, is amazing.

Soffia waterfall, Valle del Mis

Not far from the Cadini del Brenton, also in Valle del Mis, there is also the Soffia waterfall, a place of great natural power and history. The Cascata della Soffia can be reached by passing in front of the bar and restaurant of the Valley. The show that can be observed, following the indicated path is one huge underwater muffler embedded in the rocks. The Brenton Waterfall can be admired from above in all its power and majesty.

Duran Pass, in the middle of two valleys

Il Duran Pass, is located at a height of approx 1605 meters above sea level. The Pass puts in communication two valleys of the Belluno Dolomites: on one side the Agordina Valley, on the other side the Val Zoldana. The Duran Pass is famous for the spectacle it can be enjoyed, especially at sunset. The Duran Pass is known by sportsmen and lovers of trekking or by those who love cycling. In the Pass there are a number of shelters that can accommodate the most sporty for the night or even just for a short relaxing break between one ride and another.

Alleghe Lake

Il Alleghe Lake is located in the Cordevole Valley, in the Agordino. The lake is located at an altitude of about 979 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Civetta. The lake is of recent formation, in fact in 1771 a landslide from Mount Piz caused a natural dam on the course of the Cordevole torrent. Lake Alleghe today is a beautiful destination for lovers of windsurfing or sailing, but also for those who love canoeing or boating. sailing and pedal boats.

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