10 things to see in Seville

    Romantic land, city of sun and flamenco, Seville welcomes its visitors with kindness and grace, offering corners of rare beauty. Here hospitality is sacred and you tourists and travelers will find a home, the smiles of friends and the table laden with every delicacy. A perfect destination for those who are tired looking for a rest for their soul, an enchanting place for those who, not yet full, want to discover traditions and ancient tales. For all those who will choose the beautiful capital of Andalusia as a stop on their journey, here is an essential guide that answers the fateful question: What are the 10 things to do in Seville?

    1. As soon as you arrive, leave your suitcases and run into the historic center, at the gates of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Here between the Avenida de la Costitución and the Plaza del Triumfo you can admire the two beauties that have made Seville famous all over the world: the Cathedral with its Giralda and the wonderful Real Alcázar. It is here that the ancient history of the city is told: the tale of its Arab dominations and the arrival of Christian kings. A reconquest that passes through the religious and civil architectures that will be reborn to new life on the ashes of ancient splendor.

    2. Relax ai Arab baths Aire de Sevilla. A magical and enchanting place where you can benefit from the regenerating power of waters and vapors in a typically Andalusian building. And after a journey of an hour and a half among the bubbles of a huge Jacuzzi, temperate pools and steam baths, don't forget to go up to the teteria on the upper floor and enjoy a delicious snack with oriental spices and almond biscuits. .

    3. Take a cafe on Las Setas. Modern structure in Encarnación plaza built between 2005 and 2011 by the Berlin architect Jürgen Mayer following a competition held by the municipality of Seville. Under the immense white structure that recalls large mushrooms (hence its name) there is a lively market and the Antiquarium, an archaeological museum that describes the history of Roman Seville. But it is the "above" that interests us. Take the lift at a cost of 1,20 euros and go up for a coffee on the rooftops of Seville. A walkway that descends and rises harmonic will lead you along the perimeter of the modern structure while the beauties of the city parade before your eyes. For the more romantics to do in the evening by midnight.

    4. Exit a  tapas. This is not about eating, but about a real lifestyle. Yes, because the Sevillian does not go out for dinner, but goes to nibble one or two tapitas (cheese, local ham, olives, potato tortilla and shrimp salad, are just a few examples) accompanied by tinto di verano (wine and gazzosa) or by excellent cruzcampo beer! There are many clubs, here is a guide to the best tapas in the city.

    5. Lose yourself in the colors of Plaza of Spain. It is the symbol of Seville and I recommend that you visit it at different times of the day. Built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, the square is a perfect synthesis between the art deco style of the XNUMXs and Mudejar architecture. If at midday you will be dazzled by the azulejos that reflect the sun's rays while the steam of the fountains seems to move in subtle dances, at sunset the soft lights give a magical atmosphere like an enchanted place inhabited by fairy beings. The square frames the Parque de Maria Luisa which hides ornamental pools, hidden paths and ancient pavilions of the Fair among the foliage.

    6. Stroll the riverside from Torre dell'Oro up to Triana bridge. You can choose to use one of the many rental bikes, or relax on foot along the banks of the Guadalquivir. Picnic place on sunny days, it becomes extremely romantic at sunset when the city turns on its lights. Just before the famous Triana bridge, look up and go up the stairs that lead to the main road. Here, even if you are not a lover of bullfighting, a stop is a must. There Plaza de Toros of Seville is one of the most famous in all of Andalusia. And the visit now becomes an opportunity to learn about aspects of Andalusian culture.

    7. Go find the Virgen de la Macarena. Beautiful and famous, the statue of Our Lady of Macarena is one of the symbols of Seville, the soul of the Semana Santa. Visit it in the basilica in the district of the same name: you will be dazzled by the preciousness of the clothes and by its ancient history that dates back to 1700.

    8. Discover the art and history of Murillo. Exponent of Spanish Baroque painting, he was born in Seville in 1618 and the city jealously preserves his art. The museum of Fine arts, housed in a beautiful renovated convent, theHospital de la Caridad founded in 1676 by Don Miguel de Mañara, la church of Santa Maria la Blanca are the places that trace the history of the great Sevillian painter.

    9. Meet the silence at Cartuja monastery. An ancient monastery that finds space on the other side of the river on the island of Cartuja between reeds and ponds. A place that tells many stories and legends that are lost in the mists of time: now the halls of the former monastery house the CAAC, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. Here, among light installations, sculptures and paintings, you will retrace the history of Andalusian contemporary art.

    10. Infine go out on the street, chats, walks: only in this way will you enjoy the cheerful and lively atmosphere typical of Seville. Discover the jazz concerts in the radical chic bars between the columns of theAlameda de Hércules, ride along calle Betis in Triana and choose where to spend the evening. Stop where you hear the sound of hands and the rhythm of flamenco, follow the smell of fresh mint and the scent of fried fish through the streets of the center. Don't forget to drop by Salvador for a fresh beer and in plaza de la Alfalfa for a bocadillo de jámon. Life here in Seville is in the streets, in the squares: so go out and enjoy that typically Andalusian warmth.

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