Where to eat the best pancakes in New York

    Where to eat the best pancakes in New York

    I pancakes they have now become an institution, who has never dreamed of eating one? With the maple syrup, honey or berries pancakes remain inimitable, a sin of gluttony that cannot be resisted, especially if done with art.

    A New York there are several places that offer this dish as a specialty on the menu. It is impossible to take a trip to New York without eating pancakes at one of these places.

    Sarabeth is a very famous place in New York. The owner opened a small bakery in the early 80s and after a short time her orders led her to open a small restaurant that is still located on Fifth Avenue today. Today I am well 8 the premises who manages the owner.

    The venue delivers breakfasts and brunches really creative with pumpkin waffles, omelettes and chocolate and blueberry pancakes. On weekends there are lines in front of the entrance so if you have time it is best to go in the middle of the week, or go early in the morning. Open from 8.30am to 22.30pm, Sundays until 22pm.

    On the site there are also cakes, biscuits and jams from order directly online for a breakfast with all the trimmings even at home.

    La IHOP chain, International House of Pancakes, speaks for itself, here you can find all kinds and varieties of pancakes. In New York you can enjoy them in different places, on the site you will find the map of restaurants where you can enjoy excellent pancakes.

    Omelettes, French toast, sandwiches and much more are also served here. Among the customers' favorites here are the Pancake Combo, i Buttermilk Pancakes, Strawberry Banana Pancakes and Chocolate Chip Pancakes, the choice is yours.

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