What to see in Malta in winter or spring

When to go to Malta

I had the privilege of visit it in March, at the beginning of spring and I think it is one of the best times to see it, together withautunno (calculate that the bath here is done until November). According to the Maltese themselves, July and August are months to avoid, especially the island of Malta which is invaded by teenagers of all nationalities who come here to study English. There is really a lot of confusion, it is very hot and the beaches are stormed. If you really have no other choice, choose Gozo for July and August, which is certainly quieter and less crowded. Me too'winter however, it offers higher temperatures than those of major cities and Malta can be the perfect destination for "wintering" in a warmer and sunnier place. 

How much does a trip to Malta cost

Malta costs a little less from Spain. To sleep you will find every price range and to eat well you spend quite little (less than 30 euros per person for a dinner based on fresh fish). The portions are really huge then you have lunch / dinner by ordering a single course. 

How to get around Malta

Public transport in Malta works very well, there is a thick one bus network which reaches all the tourist resorts and all the beaches, both in Malta and in Gozo, and is cheap (a ticket costs 1,5 euros and can be bought directly on the bus). Some buses also travel at night during the weekend (for example those between Valletta and St. Julien, which is the heart of the Maltese nightlife). An alternative can be the car rental, but frankly I do not recommend it for 2 reasons: 1) in Malta you drive in English, on the left, and it is quite busy (especially during rush hours) so you may have some problems; 2) Maltese drive in the "Neapolitan" style, they have a sporty driving, let's say, which, combined with left-hand drive, could represent a further factor of difficulty that should not be underestimated. In Gozo, especially if you are sporty, you can rent a bicycle and ride it like this or even on foot. If you don't rent the car you can also think of visit the most beautiful places on the island by participating in tours, like these proposed by Civitatis. The pick-up is at your hotel and you won't have to think about anything. 

3. Marsaxlokk

This sleepy fishing village it is located in the southeast of the island and has remained a bulwark of traditional Maltese life. Take a walk along the small promenade to see the fleet of pike (fishing boats) with bright colors moored in the bay. 70% of the entire Maltese fish fleet is located here and is, of course, the most popular place to come and eat fresh fish. Tourists and Maltese congregate here Sunday morning for the famous market where to buy seafood, fish, but not only. If you want to have a quiet holiday in the company of only the locals, Marsaxlokk is the perfect place.  

What to see in Malta in winter or spring

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