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    Malta: 5 hotels where to sleep low cost

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    Sleeping low cost in Malta, here are 5 accommodations between St Julian and Sliema, to sleep well without spending a fortune visiting one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Read here and book your next holiday in Malta, save for the hotel for the benefit of tourist sites to visit!

    Everyone who goes in holiday in Malta they should know that it is not really a low cost location, with some exceptions though. Pastizzi are very cheap and the daily bus ticket is priced in line with the European average. Also, if you are careful, you can sleep with a few tens of euros. So I want to help you find comfortable and inexpensive accommodations for one low cost holiday in Malta and above all to allow you to spend that money on tourist sites (and there are!) and typical Maltese dinners (which are definitely worth it). In the post, I will suggest you therefore 5 hotels in Malta.

    Typical Maltese houses

    During the my living room in Malta, I lived for two weeks in a typical Maltese house. You need to know that houses in Malta do not have heating, they don't really have radiators. Don't worry, if you are wondering what you will do in case of traveling with a small child or traveling in winter, know that hotels have central heating, at least the most modern ones. In spite of everything, even my home was obviously equipped with electric radiators.

    Although Malta is a very hot place also because it is really close to Africa, it is still an island and here when the wind blows or it rains (and it often happens), the weather changes suddenly. From 26 degrees you can quickly go to 18 ° C. Quite annoying for those who are actually meteoropathic, but also for those who get sick easily, that's why advice to always dress in layers, wearing scarves and sweaters even in June. That said, let's go and see the 5 cheapest accommodations of the island of Malta.

    Malta, 5 hotels to discover

    1. Balco Malta Hostel

    Balco Harmony Hostel, has 9 rooms and is a two minute walk from Slima. The area is perfect for taking buses and experiencing life in St. Julian's to the fullest. Balco Harmony Hostel offers beds in rooms for 4 people from € 9.50, up to single rooms that have a minimum cost of € 16.50 to a maximum of € 28.50.

    2. Bayview Malta

    Bay view Malta is located in Sliema and offers both hotel and apartment accommodation. The prices are great, the only flaw: here internet is paid. The beauty of the structure is that it is relatively small and therefore even more refined, in fact it has only 10 rooms.

    3. Granny's Inn

    Granny's Inn it is also located in Sliema and has the capacity to accommodate up to 20 people. Here the wifi is included in the price and here too the costs vary from the season and the type of accommodation chosen, there are in fact multi-bed rooms and double rooms up to single rooms.

    4. Metropole Budget Hostel

    Metropole Budget Hostel is the hostel located in San Giuliano, called Italian, in the heart of Malta's nightlife. If you intend to have fun every evening, or almost every night, this is the tasteful place to take accommodation, but if you are not too young, be careful, you could risk not sleeping all night from the night cries of the boys. I have warned you. The hostel has 10 rooms available and wifi is free. The prices are excellent and vary according to the services you choose. Prices go up for singles in August, when the whole island of Malta is full.

    5. Ramplas Hostel

    Ramplas Hostel it is located not too far from Sliema and Valletta both easily reachable in 20 minutes by bus. Very affordable prices, there are rooms with three beds, private rooms, for the exclusive use of one person.

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