Unusual Bangkok: 8 special places that few people know

Having been to Bangkok several times before, every time I go back I always try to find new places and being a metropolis, you are spoiled for choice! After telling you about the places not to be missed in Bangkok , here I have collected my new discoveries instead, 8 unusual places in the city that few (tourists) know about

1.Erawan Museum

This museum opened in 2003 is located quite outside the center of Bangkok, but is well connected by the BTS subway: the nearest stop is called "Chang Erawan", from there it is 800 meters on foot. If you don't want to walk there is also a shuttle bus every 30 'that leaves from the metro stop. L'Erawan museum you will already see him from afar, or rather, you will see his Enormous Elephant and Three Tests placed on an equally gigantic pedestal. The museum houses Thai antiques and artifacts such as Benjarong pottery, Chinese porcelain, tea sets used by the Chakri dynasty, etc. The architecture of the museum is very particular; the museum is on 3 floors that recall the 3 representations of the universe according to the Hindu religion, the underground world, the earth and heaven. Inside the museum there is also a temple so to enter you will have to cover your arms and legs. 

2.Casa storica in MRKukrit

If you love traditional historic houses, such as the Jim Thomson House, you can't miss it the home of one of Thailand's leading figures of the 1900s, MRKukrit. Descendant of the king, he was also prime minister for a short time, but is more famous as a writer and as an actor The mansion has remained as it was when MRKukrit was alive, there is a magnificent Khmer style garden and 5 teak houses on stilts that formed the private area. The 5 houses all come from the central area of ​​Thailand and have been assembled to form this magnificent house, also rich in art objects and precious jewels. There historic house of MR Kukrit it is located near the Chong Nonsi metro station, exactly here.  

Unusual Bangkok: 8 special places that few people know

3.TCDC (Thailand Creative and Design Centre) e Warehouse 30

Lovers of art and design will not be able to miss these two gems. The TCDC (il Thailand Creative and Design Center) occupies the former central post office, right in front of the river, not far from the Wat Muang Kae boat stop. It is a center that promotes innovative design with a research center, a shop, a cafĂ© and various temporary exhibitions. The TCDC should become the focus of what will be the Art District (or creative district) of Bangkok and it is no coincidence that the 30 Warehouse, a beautiful multifunctional space obtained from 7 warehouses of the 40s with coworking, boutiques, flower shops, bars and rooms for exhibitions.  

4.MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Staying on the subject of art, the MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok. Opened in 2012, the museum is located in a large granite building north of the city and is spread over 5 floors. It is dedicated to non-traditional Thai art inspired by Buddhism and it is the largest art museum in Bangkok. The most important local artists such as Chalermchai Kositpipat, Panya Vijinthanasarn and the late Thawan Duchanee are exhibited here. The entrance ticket costs 250B (about 7 euros).

Unusual Bangkok: 8 special places that few people know

5.Ban Silapin (The Artist’ House)

Ban Silapin it is quite out of the center, but can be reached by metro and a 10 'walk; the nearest stop is called Bang Phai. It is located in the area of ​​Thonburi, ancient Bangkok. This place known as The Artist’s House it overlooks a canal and includes several old wooden houses dating back to the 1800s transformed into art galleries, small antique and craft shops, and restaurants. On weekends there are also shows with typical Thai puppets. It is a really beautiful and relaxing place where you can still see Thai village life. I spent a few hours there, but it's a place where you can easily spend half a day or more. 

6. Muang Boran Ancient City

La Muang Boran ancient city it is located about 40 km south of central Bangkok, at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. Here the ancient Siam in miniature was reconstructed: it is a sort of cultural theme park that replicates the treasures of the kingdom. There are over 100 structures and monuments to see in the park, and carefully reproduced copies also include UNESCO World Heritage sites, traditional houses from around the country, and a floating market. It could be considered a trashy, but in the end it is not bad and photographically speaking it has its why. To reach it you will have to participate in a tour (some also include the Erawan Museum, which is owned by the same owner) or take a taxi if you want to be autonomous (the cost should be around 800B A / R- 23 euros). admission is quite high, 700B (about 20 euros), but it includes a ride by bike, by minibus and on a boat. 

Unusual Bangkok: 8 special places that few people know

7.Wat Samphran Dragon Temple 

Wat Samphran is a Buddhist temple which is located about 40 kilometers west of Bangkok. The temple was officially registered in 1985, otherwise little or nothing is known. Some rumors say he was at the center of a sex scandal that led to several people in jail in 2004. He became famous mainly thanks to some photos that appeared on social networks, photos that are difficult to replicate unless you have a drone! The temple consists of a very high building with a snake twisted around it (a ramp from which it is possible to climb inside); it is difficult to photograph it all from below because it is surrounded by vegetation and, apparently, the drone is the only way. Inside there are several statues and small shrines, but they are not in good condition. The temple is open from 6 to 18 and is free to enter (you will have to take off your shoes to enter, as with all Buddhist temples). You can reach it by taxi and the cost should be around 800B A / R- 23 euros. 

8.Museum of floral culture

I close this article on unusual Bangkok with this very particular museum, the Floral Culture Museum (rumored to be the only one of its kind in the world!). It was founded by a famous Thai floral artist and is focused on flower arrangements, design and use of flowers in Thailand and other Asian cultures. The museum is housed in a beautiful colonial teak house, naturally surrounded by a magnificent flower garden, and it is possible to visit it by participating in a guided tour (on the website you will find timetables and different types of tours). Inside there is also a tea room and a veranda that turns into a restaurant on weekends. Check the site because they also organize workshops for adults and children. The museum is located here. 

Unusual Bangkok: 8 special places that few people know
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Unusual Bangkok: 8 special places that few people know
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