Trattoria Gattara in the Rimini Valmarecchia, menu at € 19

If you want eat well, genuine and spending the right amount, better to go inland. It may be a saying, or not, but until today it has never gone wrong. From Rimini along the Marecchiese state road (SS258) we have reached a small village lost in the Rimini Apennines.

We are Gattara, a small fraction of the municipality of Casteldelci. Here it is appropriate to say that we all know each other. This small village, which we have already visited several times in the summer, has been home to the Gattara restaurant for decades. We are talking about a historic and well-known place among the valley dwellers.

It is a place to write down on the agenda for those who want to enjoy a small car trip out of the city crowd, driving with relaxation and enjoying the mountain aspect of Valmarecchia. Once managed by Settimio, now retired but still nearby, now Stefano is running the restaurant, a chef of Apulian origins.

In our case we showed up for lunch a few Saturdays ago, but it is better to book especially on the weekend. Local practically only for us, so much so that we have time to talk and verify the genuineness of the products such as porcini mushrooms, truffles, pasta. It is a border cuisine that inevitably suffers from its neighbor Tuscany. Strictly homemade pasta, and being a period of mushrooms we certainly didn't miss them at the table.

Tagliatelle, a second course of meat, side dishes, house wine (Tuscan!), dessert and coffee ... for a total of 19 €. I honestly looked at it with admiration, but I preferred not to blink. I would call it a super low cost price being the place definitely out of the way. However, if you are a lover of these gems set in the Rimini mountains, you shouldn't miss it. Pay attention to the signs, after 40 km you will see the indication Gattara on the right. Crossing the bridge over the Marecchia river, the road will climb a lot and narrow.

Closed on Tuesday.
tel. 0541 915814
Via Gattara 18 (Gattara, municipality of Casteldelci, Rn)

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