The week of the barter, sleep in the b & b for free

    La Barter Week takes place in November in all agreed b & bs. The news is truly unique because it allows all those who dream of a holiday in a bed and breakfast to get it practically for free, or rather, thanks to bartering.

    Yes you got it right. You know how to do sweet jams? Do you know how to repair taps or cut the grass garden or do you have a library with some double books to give away? Here is this holiday for you. One night with breakfast in exchange for a simple barter.

    La list of structures agreement appears on the site of Italian bed and breakfasts. Here you will also find what the b & b prefer to barter, someone requires history books to complete their collection, or DVDs of science fiction films, bottles of wine or regional spirits. There wishlist, that's what it's called, it's really long and it's certainly possible to find something that we can all easily trade.

    THEoriginal idea and very funny it was born a little to counter the crisis in the tourism sector, but also from the idea of ​​the first b & b Italy. Villa Villa Colle, like Pippi Longstocking's house, is a bed and breakfast in Sardinia where the third b stands for barter. Great idea and great Barter Week, who starts booking first?

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