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    No plans yet for yours New Year? After having tried it in person in 2009 I am going to recommend Bustravel, it is a company that organizes trips for young peoplebetween 18 and 35 years, during various holidays, with an eye on precisely this period in which it is always hard to find good prices to spend a few days away from home.

    Le destinations proposals are quite classic: Barcelona, ​​Paris, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam for one stay of 6 days from 29/12 to 03/01 (the night of the 29th and that of the 3rd are spent by bus); in Munich and Brno are instead 5 days; which are reduced to 4 for Salzburg and 3 for Nice.

    There are also several proposals for a New Year on the snow, 5 days in Trentino, a week in the Dolomites and the same in Alpe d'Huez.The prices are affordable: choosing a European city as your destination starts from 250 € of Nice to reach a maximum of 345 € to Barcelona; for a holiday in the mountains, on the other hand, the cost ranges from € 395 for Trentino to € 480 for the Dolomites. In all packages are included transfer by coach from many Italian cities especially in the north (or on the Adriatic coast with supplement) + overnight stay with breakfast + medical / luggage insurance + BusTravel assistance. One thing apart are the proposals on the snow whose price includes a few more things depending on the case (dinner, ski pass and various).

    Mine experience it was definitely positive, also because then when we reached the destination there are no plans to respect or constraints to the group and the journey is very well organized, both those who manage everything and the assistants are always very helpful.Epiphany, which will probably arrive shortly.

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