The Line of Conception

    The Line of Conception
    The Line of Conception The Line of Conception The Line of Conception

    The coastal town of The Line of Conception it is located about 20 kilometers from Algeciras but its main square, Plaza de la Constitucion, is located about 300 meters from the border with Gibraltar and is therefore a must for those who want to reach the British colony. Many tourists heading to Gibraltar, to avoid the queue at the border, park their car in the underground car park of Avenida 20 de Abril, and reach the colony on foot.

    Very nice the traditional old quarter, the port area known as La Atunara, with its old church, tapas bars and restaurants. La Linea has an important bullring, plaza del Toros, where the bullfighting museum is also located while the Museo del Istmo in Plaza de la Constitución is located inside the oldest building in the city, built in 1863, and exhibits finds of naval, prehistoric, medieval and archaeological history.

    Often referred to as the Gateway to Gibraltar, La Linea is located in the province of Cadiz, just a 40-minute drive from Marbella's Costa del Sol on the eastern side of the bay. To reach La Linea de la Concepcion you can hire a car or travel by bus from Algeciras, Malaga, Tarifa, Marbella and Cadiz.

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