Sleeping in Paros, Akrotiri Hotel in Greece

    Sleeping in Paros, Akrotiri Hotel in Greece

    Un Paros hotels really nice and cheap is theAkrotir hotels. The young and friendly staff will be the first thing you will notice in this beautiful hotel. All rooms have sea view and pool view, every morning waking up by opening the windows and admiring the sea will be your good mood!

    The rooms are located on two other buildings than the reception and the swimming pool and breakfast room. The rooms are in fact mini apartments that are all located around the swimming pool, but the nice thing is that it is almost impossible to see each other among guests, so many plants and the structure is arranged in such a way that there is a lot of privacy.

    La breakfast it is a gem, full of sweets and greek yogurt, Italian coffee and cappuccino and milk and cereals, even a savory breakfast for those who prefer an "international" breakfast, otherwise I recommend the delicious chocolate brioches.

    All for a price that is around 70 € per night, obviously it depends on the season, but on the Hotel website you will find all the details. A note, if you want a transfer from the port or airport of Paros, you just have to ask;)

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