Sleeping in Madrid, my stay with Migoa

    Sleeping in Madrid, my stay with Migoa

    I have been to Madrid only 2 nights, too few to see such a beautiful city, and I stayed thanks to a property found on Migoa. How does it work? Migoa allows you to find belonging or rooms, according to your needs, to feel at home even when you are not.

    Choosing a house on Migoa is easy, I liked it, just make one search by destination, add the dates and maybe, if you have any needs, add those too. For example, if you want a washing machine, parking space or wifi, these are all options that can be added during the search. My house cost approx 70 € per night, and we were 3.

    La my home in Madrid it was in Lavapies neighborhood, a very special neighborhood, which stands out from all the other districts of Madrid. Surely there is much more multiculturalism here, the streets are uphill (or downhill: P) and are more colorful. I liked it a lot. At 4 in the morning one night I found 4 boys playing badminton in the middle of a square: D

    My house was for 2 because it had a double bed, but if necessary also for 3 given the sofa that turned into a bed. I was obviously on the sofa bed. On the first floor of Calle dell'Oso, my apartment with bathroom, kitchen and lobby was in a very good position to reach the Tirso de Molina metro about 300 meters away. Also there were towels, heating, soap, in short, it was well equipped, and the owner lived just across the street. Great accommodation, great stay :)

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