Sitges: the most famous Carnival in Catalonia

    Sitges is one of the most beautiful and close to Barcelona, ​​where one of the craziest events in Spain takes place during the Carnival period.

    A Barcelona il Carnival is a party for families and children, so those who want to experience a more transgressive carnival, just have to take a train in the direction Sitges! Sitges Carnival is the most famous of the Catalonia, in fact, every year more than 300.000 people invade the streets of the quiet seaside town to celebrate what is called the Spain's craziest carnival.

    Sitges: the most famous Carnival in Catalonia
    The party will begin, as usual, on Fat Thursday, with the arrival of the King of Carnival (Carnestoltes) and the Queen who will kick off a week of celebrations that will have their peak in the nights of Sunday with the Rua de la disbauxa and especially Shrove Tuesday with the Rua de l'extermini.

    On the page of the municipality of Sitges, you will find the complete program and information on transport for those coming from Barcelona or for those who have decided to go to Sitges just and only for this great party.

    Sitges: the most famous Carnival in Catalonia

    Getting to Sitges from Barcelona is very simple: just take a RENFE train from the station closest to you: Paseo de Gracia, Sants, Estación de França. Y to enjoy the carnaval!

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