Sicily, the tourist village season continues

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La Sicily has always been the most popular for summer holidays thanks to the splendid beaches, the countless nature reserves and a ideal climate.

Just the climate of the island allows you to extend the holidays in Sicily even beyond the summer months. In September, temperatures do not drop below 25% and the rains are very rare. The solution most followed both for the months of July and August and for the next two, seems to be that of resorts.

A solution this one that seems to make everyone agree a little, allowing at the same time relaxation and fun, rest and physical activity, beaches within walking distance or swimming pool for those who prefer it. Moreover, a particular not to be underestimated, in recent months the prices of tourist villages of Sicily they lower considerably, while keeping their setting almost unchanged.

I advantages it's not just these: entertainment, access to facilities, customer focus is greater. A visit to the neighboring areas is also a must, at art City, to the natural parks and reserves of which Sicily is rich.

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