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The historic railway that connects Rimini to San Marino is still visible and can be visited on foot. Here is the historical itinerary of the railway that can still be traveled.

The geographical position of San Marino it has always favored the independence of the small state, although it has always been surrounded by Italian lands. The oldest republic in the world in fact stands on the Mount Titano and its surroundings and reaching it is not so easy: the climb is impervious and the gullies that surround the area do not help. Until the early twentieth century, it was possible to reach the city only with a mule track.

Then in the Thirties, the train arrived and think about what it could represent for the locals, who now to get off at Rimini used international public transport. It was a real convenience, a sign of progress, a way to connect and communicate San Marino to the sea and to Italy.

I trains were small and white and blue, like the colors of the national flag, and exchanged in a continuous round trip crossing fields, skirting streams and climbing to the top of the titan world through a winding path of tunnels. During the war, however, the railway was bombed and later abandoned. From that moment there hasn't been a train, even if the people of San Marino still remain fond of those pastel-colored wagons.

In the countryside you could still see the rusty poles of the railway and some abandoned tunnels, but only in recent years has a redevelopment process started that has seen the memory of the train resurrect. An association was formed to carry out a historical reconstruction of the short life of the railway, there were public meetings, themed walks were organized and finally a documentary film was released, The whole story of the blue and white train.

Close to Palazzo Pubblico, in a room with free admission, a model has been placed showing the original route and if you go down to Valdragone, you can see a sparkling wagon placed on a viaduct since the 2012s. Only in XNUMX was the Montale Gallery, one of the last before arriving at the terminus, and it was a real party.

On that occasion it was possible to see an original restored locomotive make a short journey, but it is still suggestive to walk on the tracks: it is a bit like breaking down a taboo. In this case the walk is really very short, but the gallery is suggestive for some nice photos and if you want, you can continue to the historic center on foot.

Instead, there is a path that starts from La Iala Park in Serravalle and arrives at Domagnano, about 10 kilometers long and accessible in a couple of hours. The park is equipped with gym equipment, useful if you want to walk for sporting reasons and finish with a workout, and with picnic tables, if on the contrary, you want to end with a nice packed lunch. The car park is not usually very crowded.

Cross the park, arrive at a gallery and cross it. Then pieces of paved road alternate and then return to other gravel roads in which, in addition to the old poles, the tracks are visible, emerging from the ground. It also comes toDidactic Alboretum of Ca'Vagnetto and continue up to the Castle of Domagnano.

The walk is easy and suitable for everyone. You will cross fields and lakes, with panoramic views of Mount Titano. An alternative itinerary to visit one Unknown San Marino, but just as fascinating as the postcard one.

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