Salada fishing: where to drink in Barcelona

    Salada fishing: where to drink in Barcelona

    Un small bar, inconspicuous but with a lot of character and a very original decoration a Barcelona.
    Here is my presentation of the Salt Fishing, a room of only 15m2, but which encompasses a whole world of cocktails of stories.

    It is located in Calle de la Cera, where usually few tourists arrive and where you can find everything: from the dishwasher and less than two hundred euros to a Bollywood-style haircut for less than five.

    Years ago it was a typical Catalan shop where to buy olives, sardines and various canned goods. With its doors closed, the current owner of the bar, as well as a regular visitor to the place, has decided to make it a cocktail bar, specializing mainly in gin tonic.

    In fact, you can find an extensive menu, which also explains the origin of the various gins proposed and the composition of the cocktails, but it is the soft lights, the pieces of furniture and the atmosphere of absolute relaxation that make the Pesca Salada a bar where spend one or more evenings.

    What: Salada fishing
    Where: Carrer Cera, 32
    How to get there: Metro Lilla, San Antoni stop
    Hours: Mon-Sun from 19.30 to 3.00

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