Rome from the key hole, the view of San Pietro

Wandering through the streets of Rome, one day after being in Testaccio, I decided to go and see the famous Priory of the Knights of Malta, that's how I came across the famous keyhole, from which you can see a beautiful one Dome of St. Peter. A place that attracts many people every day, Sunday or Monday, rain or shine, so much so that if you don't know exactly which lock to look in, finding the line of people you will understand where to line up.

Getting up here is not difficult and there is not too much way to go. You don't have to arrive by taxi, as I have seen, just follow a few simple directions. Take the metro, or take this metro stop and keep it as a fixed point, Piramide. Get off here or leave from here to get to the Keyhole. Go towards Via Marmorata and stay on the right side of the street. At a certain point, continuing a little, on the right you will find a small road that goes uphill, it's called Via Asinio Polione, here you take this. Walk again and this time, on the left, take Via di Porta Lavernale, walk straight until you come out in Square of the Knights of Malta and meet the row I described above.

If you don't want to take the metro and come from the opposite side, you can also go up from the side of the Circus Maximus and from Horse's Mouth, or these two are things you can see after the Keyhole, once you get off the priory of Malta. Ah, be careful because in these parts there is also the, famous too, Orange Garden :)

But what do you see from the keyhole? Is the view really so beautiful? Let's say that you see little or nothing, you can certainly glimpse the Dome of San Pietro but it is difficult to take photographs. The nice thing is that it is a curious thing that so much comes from hears of friends. There is a long queue, when it's sunny and hot it's really long, to see little stuff. Also because you will have breath on the neck of the people behind you who will want you to hurry up.

I personally did not find it a wonderful view, e I recommend then the one you can find further on in the famous and beautiful Giardino degli Aranci, where there are no lines and no one will send you away. Have you ever seen the keyhole? Do you care and have you heard of it? tell me yours!

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