Mariscos in Riccione, seafood restaurant on the sea

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A short time ago I spent a weekend between Rimini and Riccione and I discovered a restaurant fish really to lose your head. I ended up there because a friend had a business dinner there and it was really a pleasant discovery.

It cannot properly be called a low cost restaurant, but sometimes you also have to indulge yourself and considering the environment and the quality of the food, the cost is absolutely adequate.

The restaurant is located in Riccione, in Piazzale Salvador Allende 9, and is called Seafood.

The environment is perhaps a bit "cool" but without ostentation. Since it was a very hot summer evening, we dined in the outdoor space on the beach, where elegant white tables are placed on the beautiful carpets directly at contact with sand. The risk is sometimes to sink a little with the chair but there view of the sea and the sea breeze are very pleasant.

The place is very nice, the nice staff and nice even if rather set. It was very full so we waited a moment to eat, the wait more than paid off. If you love the raw fish you will go crazy. As appetizers we got huge plates full of raw prawns of various kinds, oysters and other raw fish, absolutely delicious. I ate such an amount that after the starter I was already in crisis for too much joy of my taste buds. But even the first and second courses were so good that I felt compelled to exaggerate. In particular, I tasted a really perfect cut of tuna.

It is not for nothing that the restaurant has a number of certificates of excellence.

Just to give you an idea, the costs are around 10-15 € for appetizers, € 12-15 for the first and second courses from € 15 upwards. But I remind you that with the raw appetizer I was already full and that is around € 25 each.

If I think about it, I immediately get hungry :) Online, on their website,, you can consult the menu. And this is the number to book: 0541 641404. Indulge yourself!

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