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Maceio Alagoas

Maceio, also known as the Caribbean of Brazil and Water Paradise, is the capital of the State of Alagoas in Brazil and overlooks theAtlantic Ocean.

This beautiful city is home to one of the most important marinas in the Brazil and with the passing of the years it is developing more and more in terms of tourism.

Dangerous soft

Is Maceio dangerous?

We assume that, especially in past years, Maceio has earned a bad name as it has been regarded as the Brazilian city with the highest number of murders per inhabitant.

Currently these "dangerous phenomena and absolute delinquency", with the development of tourism, are fading year after year.

Unfortunately in countries where there is a lot misery e poverty delinquency almost always reigns but we can assure you that if you don't go to the outskirts of the city and, therefore, in the shanty town (favelas) you will not have any kind of problem and, trust me, you will spend one unforgettable vacation.

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Maceio what to see

A Maceio there are so many things to see but the attractions the most important are always the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

We would like to point out that in the historic district of Jaragua, an old bohemian area, there are 19th century buildings, ancient buildings and many shops.

Let's find out now what to see and which are the greatest places of interest in Maceio:

  • Palacio Marechal Floriano Peixoto Historical Museum: this museum was the seat of the government until 2005.
  • Theo Brandao Museum: it preserves the history, artistic expressions and culture of the city.
  • Museum of Sacred Art Pierre Chalita: it houses one of the most beautiful and ancient collections of images and icons of sacred art in Brazil.
  • Church of Our Lady of the Rosary of the Blacks: this beautiful church was built in 1853 and is a perfect combination of baroque architecture and neoclassical architecture.
  • Church Bom Jesus dos Martirios: built in 1881 this particular religious monument has features of oriental architecture.

We remember that Maceio it is also an important one campus and its culture it is preserved above all in the Estadual Public Library and in the Historical and Geographical Institute of Alagos.

soft spiagge

Il coast of Maceio it is about 40 km long (that of the entire Alagoas state is almost 250 km long) and hosts beaches which have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean.

Le main beaches and towns of Maceio they are those of Green Bridge, Pajucara and while the rest are divided between north and south and have truly incredible wild and uncontaminated features.

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Maceio most beautiful beaches

Let's find out, now, which are the most beautiful beaches of Maceio:

  • Pajucara beach: it is one of the most famous and busy beaches in the city as many boats leave for the enchanting natural pools.
  • Jatiuca beach: it is a beach washed by a spectacular green sea.
  • Ponta Verde beach: the beach is fringed by beautiful palm trees and is the ideal place for those who love snorkeling.

  • Cruz das Almas beach: thanks to its strong waves it is the favorite beach for those who love surfing.
  • Barra de Sao Miguel beach: it is located 33 km from Maceio in the village of the same name and is besieged by surfers thanks to its large waves.
  • Praia do Gunga beach: it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Miceio thanks to the white sand and its natural pools.
  • Praia do Frances beach: it is located 21 km from Maceio and has an enchanting stretch of coral reef.

These we have just listed are the beaches that are located in the central-southern part of Maceio.

Le beaches of the northern part of Maceio, compared to the others, they have different characteristics (the sea has a different color intensity and is completely or slightly moved) and are:

  • Ipioca beach
  • Paripueira beach
  • Costa Brava beach
  • Sonho Verde beach
  • Tabuba beach
  • Jacarecica beach
  • Guaxuma beach
  • Garca Tortora beach
  • Pratagi beach

Maceio when to go, climate and temperatures

Il Maceio weather it is tropical with temperatures that remain constant throughout the year.

Le temperature minime are between 22 ° / 26 ° while the maximum temperatures they are between 27 ° / 32 °.

Il best time to go to Maceio runs from November to the first week of April as the temperature are higher and the rainfall they are scarce and less intense.

Maceio immagini and photo

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