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Rio de Janeiro useful tips and information

What is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro

The best time for vacation a Rio is, in my opinion, between January and Carnival, after Carnival (if you are not firmly convinced of going crazy for the
Samba and the frenetic chaos of this period, however magical), or between September and October.

Significant savings on air flights, not sold out and ease of getting around and finding all the usual services, offered much, much, much cheaper.

Rio de Janeiro most beautiful beaches

The beach that I can recommend you in Rio de Janeiro is Ipanema, frequented more by Brazilians what tourists.

Rather beautiful, a little cleaner, sunnier, full of sporting activities that will leave you speechless: statuesque women playing "foot volley”To make the most prodigal European setter, players of Beach volleyball, football on the sand, , jogging, roller blade, and so on.

What not to do on a trip to Rio de Janeiro

Near the 9th place there are the most fierce matches and if you are lucky you happen to meet Edmundo, Romario and company to dribble on the "fields" of Ipanema.

Copacabana Beach

A Copacabana the sea and the beach are not that great, but on the other hand it offers tourists fun in many clubs, full of girls.

Every night there is something interesting that the city offers (buy the magazine Check out, with the annex Veja Rio on Saturday that will reveal all the concerts, all the restaurants, all the meeting places, all the best places of a week in Rio to be discovered).

In the pre-Carnival period there are the (Noites Cariocas) on the suggestive Morro and Urka (a natural rock panettone where the scene on the funicular of a famous 007 was filmed) with concerts by very interesting Brazilian bands, "fine" people, quality people to talk to even in English (which is not always easy in Rio).

 How to get around Rio de Janeiro

Once at the airport, do not fall into the trap of taxi drivers.

There is a convenient bus service (Real Onibus) that runs every hour and with 5 Real (€ 2) takes you in about an hour to Copacabana or Ipanema, where you can stay in an apartment.

Christmas and New Year in Rio de Janeiro

How to book your trip to Rio de Janeiro

I booked the whole holiday online.

From the internet you can save money if you rely on good tour operators.

My advice is to book a package that includes a maximum of half board, because you stay out all day and you have the opportunity to appreciate the Brazilian cuisine (very cheap and good!).

Rio de Janeiro location

Excellent places: Cozumel e Via Show, various clubs in Barra (very European style, chic, snobbish and trendy), the various Samba schools (Salgueiro,Hose,Hummingbird,Capricious of Pillars).

What to visit in Rio de Janeiro

In my opinion the best things to visit in Rio are the ascent to Christ, the day visit to the Sugar Loaf, the FTijuca forest, the Chinese Temple, waterfalls and various views.

I recommend them through a service of small buses (topique) that pass by Copacabana (ask for info on departure times and stops) and that with a minimum ticket they leave you at each departure of the relative route.

After the tour go back to the stop and wait for the time for the next topique to arrive to reach the next stop.

At the stop: Foresta da Tijuca get off and take a little train that, passing through the forest, takes you straight to the foot of the Christ… The usual photos and back by train or on foot through the suggestive forest, up to the bus stop.

Alternative: guided tour by jeep, very touristy, a little more expensive (always negotiate the price first) with a guide.

Where to eat in Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast in the various bars / fruit shops on every street corner (Our Lady by Copacabana), excellent sandwiches, and amazing fruit juices, fruit salads and refreshing drinks (from natural guarana, açai, abacaxi, morango, manga, Graviola, Acerola… ..To try them all !!!!)

Caution to Rio de Janeiro

On gray days you can go shopping in the various Rio sul shopping malls or the impressive Barra shopping.

If you have clear ideas about prices, you will save staggering figures on clothing and shoes (e.g. Merrel for € 60, cotton Bermuda shorts € 8/10, havaianas flip-flops € 3/4).

Bring a few things in your suitcase on the way out, or you will have to pay the extra weight at the airport on the way back.

Buy various music CDs Samba, Bossanova, Axe, Pay of that the city, the shops, the street vendors offer.

A real treat for the ears at bargain prices 1 € each in the improvised markets on the corners of the streets in the afternoon (make a copy immediately as soon as you return to Spain).

In the pedestrian area of ​​Copacabana every evening, at about 17 pm the “everything more” market begins until about 24, where you can buy the usual souvenirs and the usual trinkets to take to friends. Good for spending little and finding something simple.

Avoid wearing jewelry of any kind: bracelets, earrings, watches, designer labels, wallets, designer shoes, cameras, video cameras and so on.

They only serve to attract the attention of malicious people and create unpleasant situations.

Try to be as discreet as possible, do not accept drinks from strangers on the premises, and if you go into the house with someone, agree with the porter that no one, having gone up with you, must leave the door without your authorization via intercom or in person.

Avoid narrow and dark streets, isolated streets and groups of underage children (the most dangerous).

In the unfortunate hypothesis of an "assault" always keep 50 € or 50 real with you, do not resist (life down is not as good as it is for us) and do not react.

Bring comfortable clothing with you: shorts, flip flops and cheap t-shirts will be your look for 80% of your holiday.

Now I just have to wish you a mythical magical holiday Brazil!! Have a good trip to all!

Photo gallery Rio de Janeiro

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