Low cost Granada, free Arab baths

    Granada it really is a little pearl at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, surrounded by sea and mountains, splendid all year round for its mild climate that rarely sees rain and which has average temperatures ranging between 14 and 16%, with minimum peaks in January (6 degrees) and maximum in August, which reach 40%.

    The best time to go for a tour in Granada is definitely there spring, especially April, when the scent of roses and orange blossoms (the citrus flowers that are a constant in the city) mixes with that of tea, sold loose in the many shops around the city. Brightness is a constant: the number of hours of sunshine throughout the year they are well 2662 and, in summer, you will have to leave the beach after 21.00 pm if you want to witness the splendid sunsets that the place will give you.

    In Granada the Arabi bequeathed an exceptional artistic and architectural heritage, building the marvelous red Alhambra, today considered a symbol of Andalusia: a masterpiece of Moorish art and Unesco heritage since 1984, was nominated by Spain among the 21 finalist candidates of the seven wonders of the modern world.

    Granada was also home to Salvador Dali, Federico Garcìa Lorca, Andrès Segovia and Manuel de Falla, making the city a true center of 900th century literature and music. Today Granata can be visited on foot very easily: I recommend that you go to the tourist office in the municipality where they will propose and give you information on possible routes to take, from that of the caps, to that of the gardens, flamenco, patios. The office is located in Plaza del Carmen, tel. 0034 958 248280.

    And now, some low cost information: i medieval Arab baths El Banuelo are free, as are the Palacio de Dar-al-Horra, the Palacio de los Cordova, the Palacio de la Madraza and the Max Moreau Museum. Also the Museo de la Alhambra and that of Bellas Artes, inside the Alhambra, are free.

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