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    Sicily in autumn, 5 cities to visit out of season

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    Sicily out of season, the destinations to visit in autumn for an alternative trip in search of heat and summer, here you will find the list with many tips. A holiday with the family or as a couple, an autumn escape in the warm sun of the beautiful land of Sicily.

    La Sicily is wonderful to visit in summer or late spring, but who said it isn't wonderful even in autumn? In autumn Sicily is still splendid with a climate that in other parts of Italy seems impossible. Sicily and its sea, in autumn it is still possible in most cases to swim. Sicily with its fish dishes, its wine, its hospitality and its sun, even out of season.

    There are many cities that you can visit for a weekend in autumn in Sicily, certainly i last-minute is not lacking. Catania, Palermo, Trapani, Ragusa, but also Favignana, Modica, Syracuse, Agrigento, Marsala and so on and so forth. Each city is characteristic and known to those who love to get lost among the baroque centers, the fragrant wines, the red earth.

    1. Trapani

    An elegant city with squares and very clean and white streets. Trapani it is by far one of the most visited cities in Sicily. One of the things to do once you arrive in Trapani and have seen its city center, is to take a trip to Erice. Bring a jacket because while in Trapani it will be hot and still summer, a Erice it is possible you feel really cold, usually the city is also very windy with its 751 meters above sea level. In Erice don't forget to buy some sweets from Maria Grammatico, you will go crazy.

    2. Favignana

    A Favignana you arrive with a ferry just starting from Trapani, just to reconnect to the previous stage. Favignana is a wonderful island that welcomes all its guests with incredible coves. If you want to avoid the crowds of August, the end of September is a great month, even if the water, already cold in the summer, may be too cool in the autumn. At your own risk. What we have to say is that, while the island will seem a bit empty in autumn, you can enjoy it in complete tranquility sometimes wild nature of this corner of paradise.

    3. Palermo

    Palermo and its wonderful markets like yours street food, are unique in all seasons. In autumn the desire to taste more demanding dishes, such as ca 'meusa bread, the sfincione, fritters, the stigghiola and many others, could be more suitable for the climate and the period. Palermo is a city that must be lived and that unlike Favignana will not offer naturalistic glimpses but a lot of life, a lot of color and a lot of folklore.

    4. Catania

    La Sicilian Baroque city par excellence, Catania is full of clubs and pubs, here in the evening life comes alive and in autumn with the resumption of schools and universities, young people do not wait. The historic center is teeming with kids, music, cocktails and fun. If for an autumn weekend it is a city like this you are looking for, Catania will not disappoint you. And if you want to alternate fun with hiking, the near Etna will be able to satisfy you.

    5. Ragusa

    Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla, two Sicilian jewels found in southern Sicily. In Ragusa, the weather even in October is gentle and welcomes all visitors with enchanting days that seem ideal for exploring the historic center. If you are a lover of sweets, I suggest you take a trip to Modica, which is located just 30 minutes from Ragusa, where you can enjoy one of the best and most intense, but also well-known chocolates in all of Italy, theAncient Bonajuto confectionery. On the official website you can also find the times and days when you can visit the laboratory, a real show.

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