Los Cornetteros in Ferrara, excellent bakery

If you are passing through a Ferrara it is an obligatory stop Los cornetteros an excellent croissant located in the center of this sublime city. Calling it a cornetteria is an understatement, since it could be considered the "paradise of croissants" thanks to the goodness of their pastry.

The service of the staff is fast and professional, there is an immense range of flavors of croissants to choose from, either desserts and salted, so much so as to have the doubt of the choice. I can't hide the fact that it took a long time to decide what to taste, Los cornetteros is also distinguished by its sympathy: both inside and at the entrance to the restaurant everything is written with a 'cheerful final "s", from the croissant menu to goodbye as if to recall the lively Spanish. The murals that decorate the interior do not go unnoticed, a Hispanic landscape mainly colored with red and yellow make the atmosphere more welcoming.

I got to taste el fuecos catalanos: caramelized cream with mini blowtorch for cooking on the spot with the addition of an exquisite dark chocolate, an unforgettable synaesthesia.

The price of the croissants part from 1€ up depending on the filling you want, whether it is fruit, cream, jam or salty; it is open in the evening until late at night, plus the Thursday there is it student discount. For the real sweet tooth Los Cornetteros offers heavenly tastes at earthly costs. Yum!

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