Las Vegas, the craziest and most photographed hotels

    Las Vegas, the craziest and most photographed hotels

    Las Vegas it is the city where the sun always shines, at least so they say. The reason is not known even if perhaps the fact that it is built in the desert and therefore always beats the sun strongly or because its thousand night lights are always beautiful, should give us a clue :) In Las Vegas there are some of the Most spectacular hotels in the world, very beautiful but, beware, also very expensive!

    Il Bellagio Resort for example it is a hotel, casino, restaurant, convention center located on Las Vegas Boulevard. Its buildings reflect the structure of the houses and the landscape of the Municipality of Bellagio, the Lombard town overlooking Lake Como.

    THEHotel Casino Mirage represents the theme of Polynesia, has a park with 1.200 palm trees and a fountain that turns into a volcano every evening.

    THEHotel & Casino Excalibur is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, fully inspired by King Arthur and the kingdom of Camelot. An all-medieval atmosphere for an enchanting castle with 4.008 rooms.

    Caesars Palace Hotel recalls the Roman Empire in the Nevada desert, with over 3300 rooms and many suites for a structure that has inside reconstructions of the imperial forums, fountains and buildings of Ancient Rome.

    Paris Hotel it offers 2900 rooms and, in addition to the replica of the Eiffel Tower (165 meters high), also includes a replica of the Arc de Triomphe. Beautiful and very romantic.

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