La Lola: where to eat in Valencia

    I found out Lola thanks to Phaidon guides which I described some time ago. The guide said that if Pedro Almodovar was a restaurant in Valencia it would definitely be this, so I went in.

    The local really is very nice, white, red and black a big polka dots along the entire length of the wall. Inside there are no more than 50 people to sit, plus a dozen outside, so if you are sure you want to go there maybe you should book. I was there at 15 pm, for lunch, in full (and perhaps a little late) Spanish time. We were few in the room, but better this way :)

    La Lola is located in Barrio del Carmen, Subida del Toledano, 8, so to speak vivino a Plaza de la Reina. The dishes are elaborate but also very beautiful. Cold soup, salad with pesto, mango sorbet, a really delicious thing, one Spanish cuisine far from the usual standards e very neat and delicious.

    Il price it is not very low, but not exaggeratedly anything else, especially compared to the Italian ones. Between € 20 and € 30 must be taken into account, but it is truly a unique meal, where the atmosphere plays its part and sometimes even the flamenco shows if you arrive at the right time.

    Ah if you want to see my other photos de La Lola or Valencia, this is the my Flickr album ;)

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