Ibiza, eating cheap

    Ibiza it is one of the most beautiful and desired by young people in Spain, both for fun and for its heavenly beaches. But everything has a price and that of Ibiza is not even low. Flying to Ibiza today is also possible thanks to Ryanair which offers flights from Bologna, Marconi airport, although the offers for this route are difficult to find especially in summer.

    The best way to save on food in Ibiza is for sure Rent an apartment for the period of the holiday, 4 or 5 friends certainly spend less sharing the costs of an apartment than eating out every day. In case you have booked one instead board without using the kitchen and without meals, you can find some little tips here.

    In Ibiza you can do shopping in supermarkets and make you some sandwiches to eat on the beach, the best way to not waste time away from the beautiful Spanish beaches and save money. For the evening, however, you can treat yourself to some dinner while paying attention to the places to go to. Often in fact the cost of pizzas to the slice reaches i 6 €, you can imagine what a dinner can cost you. There are cheap places, you just need to know how to find them, maybe wandering around a bit Ibiza with mopeds.

    Sport Bar Restaurante it is located in the Marina locality open from 13 to 15.30 and from 20 to 23.30, closed on Sundays. The rooms are large and with air conditioning, i fixed menus they cost around 8€, the proportions are abundant and the cuisine is excellent.

    Another very cheap place in the same locality is Food, is located near the port and is open from 13pm to 16pm and from 20pm to 23.30pm. The omelets, salads and soups have a cost of € 3 per portion, the complete dishes about € 5, the dishes are abundant and excellent.

    Ibiza center it is considered a bit of a trap for all tourists looking for a clean place and perhaps with typical dishes to try, but there are a couple of places to try absolutely. Le Bon Profit it is located in plaza del Parque, closed on Sundays and offers menus for € 7 and a large room to accommodate all the customers who flock to the restaurant every evening.

    The olive it is located in Santa Creu and is closed from November to March inclusive, open only in the evening is a place a little more expensive of the others because on average they spend around € 20 per person. Valid for a special evening, the main dish of the house is sea bream with coarse salt and magret with figs and vinegar.

    La Cafeteria Xicu it is always open and is located in avda Bartomeu de rosello. The dishes go from 3 to 5 € and the clientele is almost exclusively local, a place unknown to the most coarse tourists, in fact the menu is in Spanish only, only that of the tapa is in several languages. The advice: order something from the Spanish menu, you will not regret it.

    Many of these places they don't have a site to consult the menu, only the most expensive ones offer a reservation even online. To take a look at the qualities of the premises indicated you can take a look at the website of Ibiza restaurants.

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