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Holidays in Edinburgh guide and advice on where to shop, how to get around, what to pack, map, when to go, weather and temperatures.

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Where is Edinburgh located

Edinburgh and the Capital of Scotland and is part of the United Kingdom of England.

La city stands on 7 lose it is divided into New Town and Old Town and, the latter, was declared together with the castle UNESCO World Heritage Site

Getting around in Edinburgh

Getting around Edinburgh it's not a problem at all as the city it is not very big and you can easily visit it on foot, by bicycle or with public transport.

- bus are the best means for move to Edinburgh as they are efficient, comfortable, very clean, panoramic on two floors and are more than precise because they pass on preferential lanes chiamate greenways.


The best company of Edinburgh public transport and the Lothian Buses which, with the numerous stops, covers the Old Town and the places where the major ones are located attractions of the city.

It is possible to buy different types of ticket Which:

  • Single Ticket: they are tickets that are valid for one way and can be purchased directly on board and the price is € 1,40 for adults, € 0,70 for children between the ages of 5 and 15 while children up to 5 years do not pay.
  • Day Ticket: tickets that last the whole day and cost € 3,50 for adults, € 2 for children between the ages of 5 and 15, while children up to 5 do not pay.
  • Citysingle Ticket: it is, in fact, a pack that includes 20 tickets that can be used for a single journey, the cost of which is € 28 for adults, € 14 for children between the ages of 5 and 15, while children up to 5 do not pay and can be purchased both online and at tourist offices.

Un advice that we give you is to often avoid using taxi which compared to buses are quite expensive.

Edinburgh map

Edinburgh nightlife

What to buy in Edinburgh

Do shopping to edinburgh it is very comfortable and pleasant as the major ones shops e shop are concentrated in main streets of the city.

Jenners is one of the best known and most popular shops in the city where there are 100 left different where to buy beauty products, clothing, electronics and much more.

Other 4 storey shop very nice where to shop is Harvey Nicholas which is close to Jenners and offers a wide range of trendy accessories and clothing.

More shopping streets of Edinburgh well known and popular are Grassmarket e Victoria street which are full of tailors, jewelers and shops that sell typical local products e whiskey.

Cockburn Street and another one Edinburgh shopping street very well known as it is chock full of clothes shops, Art gallery e artisan shops.

Recall that the Edinburgh shops they are usually open from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 18, on Thursday they are also open in the evening while on Sundays they remain open from 12 to 16.

Edinburgh when to visit

Il Edinburgh climate it is humid and cool, mostly cloudy and rainy and the temperature they do not exceed 20 ° in summer and never drop below freezing in winter except for strong periods polar cold waves which in the past have brought temperatures down to -17 °.

Il best time to visit Edinburgh runs from June to September but for most foolhardy it is possible to visit it all year round.

Edinburgh what to pack

If you have chosen to go in holiday in Edinburgh we advise you to put in suitcase always a waterproof it's a anorak (both in summer and in winter), in winter strictly warm clothes while in summer do not forget to always have a sweatshirt or sweater with you.

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Edinburgh pictures

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