Germany in 5 stages, the cities to visit

Germany to visit, five stops and five different cities to discover Germany through its history, culture and above all the nature trails.

You are in Germany on vacation and want a little tour? Here are some stops not to be missed! I will avoid mentioning the classic destinations such as Berlin or Munich and will focus above all on less typical destinations that I have visited, and which I consider equally deserving.

Black Forest

The closest stop to Italy is the Black Forest. Two or three days are enough to visit many interesting things in the area, starting from Freiburg, the most important city. It is located between the Swiss and French borders and walking through the streets I found a mix between modernity and history.

After passing the huge buildings in the station area, you come across a well-kept historic center. Do not miss the cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece built over 350 years. Typical of Freiburg are the Bächle, small streams that run through the entire historic center, built as a water reservoir to cope with fires. Leaving Freiburg, it is very convenient to get around the area by train, enjoying the many scenic routes, such as Schwarwaldbahn and Dreiseebahn (the three lakes railway). I particularly recommend the Offenburg-Donaueschingen route, which passes through beautiful woods, forests and lakes. Along the way it is worth making a stop in Triberg, a small mountain town famous for two things: the tallest waterfalls in Germany and the largest cuckoo clock in the world.

In addition, many accommodation facilities in the area offer a free paper call Konus Karte, which allows you to use all means of transport in the Black Forest free of charge for the duration of your stay.


A city that is absolutely worth a visit is here refined Lübeck. Famous in the past for the salt trade, today it still retains all its ancient charm. The symbol of Lübeck is the Holstertor, the ancient city gate. Great scenery to take some souvenir photos before taking a walk in the historic center. Crossing the door, shortly after you come across the ancient salt warehouses along the river Trave. It is not very difficult to find your way around the characteristic alleys, indeed I recommend that you let yourself be guided by instinct to discover every corner of the city. I loved the many paths along the river.

I remember the trip to Lübeck from mainly for another reason: I saw the North Sea. In fact, about twenty minutes by train from Lübeck is Travemünde, a tourist town at the mouth of the river Trave. I recommend you to visit this city because for me it was a very strange feeling to see the sea in Germany. Although the sea is not remotely comparable to the Italian sea, it still has its charm.


I always stay north and I recommend you Brema. Everyone knows it thanks to fable of the musicians, perhaps the real tourist attraction of the city. A small statue that reproduces the famous protagonists of the fairy tale of the Grimm brothers it is located in the Marktplatz (the main square), and despite being a bit hidden it is impossible not to notice the crowds of tourists taking pictures at any time. There are all kinds of souvenirs depicting the famous characters, from plush toys to shopping bags.

A particular attraction is the so-called "Bremen hole“, Which is always located on the same square, next to the Haus der Bürgerschaft. It is a manhole, inside which it is possible to throw coins, and when a coin is thrown, the cry of one of the animals of the fairy tale is heard as thanks. The whole comes donated to charity. Fun for young and old! Not to be missed always on the Markplatz, the statue of the paladin Rolando, protector of the city.


Not far from Bremen is Hamburg, a typical port city on the banks of the Elbe. If you take a quick visit don't miss the fish market, every Sunday, early in the morning until nine, where you can not only find fresh fish, but also fruit and vegetables, typical products and a large shed with live music! I suggest you to get there by ferry that depart from Landungsbrücken, which are included in the transport tickets, so you take advantage of the opportunity to take a low cost tour of the port.

The most convenient way to get around the city by public transport is to buy a day ticket, and if you are in a group or even as a couple you always save. For example, the daily ticket for a group of up to five people costs 11,60 euros, for the whole city, including the airport.

Interesting in the historic center is the area of Mönckebergstraße and Jungfernstieg, near the Alster, the lake of Hamburg. On the lakefront there is also a beautiful park, excellent for a relaxing walk and why not, when the weather permits a nice picnic.


One of the greenest regions in Germany, where the Thuringian Forest National Park and Protected Area is located. Here is also the Rennsteig, the oldest hiking route of Germany, 169 km long, highly recommended on foot or a bicycle (but it takes a good workout!). The area is impeccably served by public transport, especially trains and buses, all suitable for travelers.

Between one excursion and the other I recommend a visit to some cities such as Eisenach, from where the Rennsteig starts, Erfurt and Weimar, small cities but worth at least a short visit. Between one excursion and the other I recommend a visit to some cities such as Eisenach, from where the Rennsteig starts, Erfurt and Weimar, small cities but worth at least a short visit.

In particular, I would like to point out an event that takes place in Weimar in October and it is the Zwiebelmarkt, or the onion market. All the streets of the historic center are invaded by many stalls where you can try and buy typical products of the region, such as good cheeses, cold cuts and the delicious egg liqueur. Every year there are stages with live music, a marathon that gathers more than 2000 participants, and the queen of the party, the Zwiebelmarktkönigin, could not miss! Truly typical are the onion compositions, in German Zwiebelkranz, which can be bought anywhere!

I have been traveling a lot in Germany lately and I like to discover little known cities, picturesque villages and unspoiled nature. I hope my tips can be useful for your next trips!

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