Eat great fish in Lisbon for just over € 10

    It is a must if you are in Lisbon, is called A supportive; it is a very simple looking small restaurant typical of a real Portuguese tavern. The walls decorated with brown azulejos and red and white checked tablecloths await you.

    It is located exactly in the center Rua dos Sapateiros 177, a side street of Rua Augusta, the main street of the city a stone's throw from the famous Santa Justa lift. Here the main dish isarroz de marisco, or risotto with seafood. This dish is considered by Lisboetians themselves to be the best in town (I can vouch for myself having gone there three times in a week, you won't regret it).

    Il proprietario the restaurant is also the handyman waiter, a bit reserved and mysterious, but rest assured when you see him arrive with a steaming aluminum cauldron, start licking your lips. Very generous portions, 10 € for each portion of risotto and € 8-10 for a bottle of green wine, a local specialty.

    When you ask for the bill, the waiter will add up everything you have taken in front of you by writing with a pencil on a corner of the paper tablecloth, he will tear it and that will be the your receipt. Strong no. If you are a large group, I recommend booking, even in the afternoon. The venue is not very big and fills up quickly.

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