Chocolate con churros, 4 places for a caloric snack in Barcelona

If you come to Barcelona in winter and after a day of crazy tourism in search of all the creations of Gaudi and mates, you are feeling tired and in need of sugar, why not stop in a bar for a churros with chocolate?

When we talk about chocolate with churros we are referring to one cup of hot chocolate in general surmounted by fresh cream whipped in which to dip i Churros, a kind of fried cupcake with an elongated shape and covered with sugar. This calorie bomb can be served as a breakfast or as a snack and it's one long-standing tradition both in Spain and in many Latin American countries (especially in Argentina).

I bar where this specialty is typically served they have one simple decoration and rich in marble and reminiscent of the past, where the earliest workers went to have coffee before starting their day of work. They are called "churrerias"Or granjas.

Where to find them to Barcelona? Here's one small list and dispassionate advice. If you plan to taste your chocolate around snack time (17/18) you will surely find a very long queue, but do not be scared, usually it is a pretty quick meal so you shouldn't wait more than ten minutes.

And then get ready to have a nice one smell of fried when with a full stomach you will return to the street.

Granja la Pallaresa
Calle Petrixol, 11

Granja Dulcinea
Calle Petrixol, 2 - La calle Petritxol it is located between calle Portaferrissa and Plaça del Pi and is practically parallel to Avenue. It is the first pedestrian street in the city, which became such in 1959 .. also because it is only 3 meters wide.

Bar Churreria Laietana (M yellow-red / L4-L1 / Urquinaona)
Via Laietana, 46 - Very small and not very fashionable .. but very authentic!

Granja Viader (Raval, M green / L3 / Lice8)
Carrer d'En Xuclá 4 - 6 - This is the bar owned by the owners of cacaolat factory, a real Spanish institution. In the heart of the raval, a beautiful neighborhood that is unjustly considered hairy. Don't believe it and venture out to try one of the most Spanish specialties in one of the more multicultural neighborhood of the city.

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