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Campania terme useful information, water care, temperature and composition

The most famous tourist resorts of the Campania to spend a holiday dedicated to Relaxing I'm:

Ischia Terme tips

THEIsland of Ischia in every corner it is rich in springs of thermal waters from the countless therapeutic virtues.

These hot Springs have been known and used since the most remote times and, in particular, they were described and systematically analyzed by the Calabrian physician and hydrologist Giulio Iasolino, who in 1588 published the De 'natural remedies that are inPithaecusa island, today said Ischia, which today represents the first treaty of medical hydrology.

The island, it is easy to understand, because it is renowned throughout the world for its spa.

It also enjoys a fortunate geographical position that ensures the entire island territory ideal climatic and environmental conditions to restore body and spirit.

Le Thermal baths of Ischia, thermal springs, thermal parks, wellness centers, in an environment composed of the rocky crags of theEpomeo, from the rolling hills planted with vineyards, from the restful pine forests, the fresh sea breeze, the beaches and the many suggestive panoramas make the island a sort of sweet enchanted garden where you can enjoy the beneficial effects of its sources in complete relaxation of the body.

Emilia Romagna spa weekend wellness holidays ideas and advice

With regard to waters, despite the diversity of the individual sources, they have some common characteristics that can be summarized as follows: they are all thermal or hyperthermal, i.e. hot or very hot and, at the same time, minerals, that is, very rich in salts.

Depending on the predominance of one or the other characterizing element, its use is recommended in certain diseases.

Il Ministry of Health periodically updates the list of pathologies that can find real benefit from thermal treatments of Ischia.

Pathologies and spa treatments

Today in Ischia it is possible to cure many diseases, Which: rheumatic diseases (osteartosis and other degenerative forms and extra-articular rheumatism); respiratory tract diseases (chronic bronchial rhinosinusitis syndromes, chronic simple bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component); dermatological diseases (psoriasis (excluding pustular, erythrodermal form), eczema and atopic dermatitis (excluding acute vesicular and exudative forms), recurrent seborrheic dermatitis).

Gynecological diseases (painful sclerosis of the pelvic connective tissue of a cicatricial or involutional nature, persistent leucorea from chronic nonspecific or dystrophic vaginitis); ENT diseases (vasomotor rhinopathy, chronic pharyngolaryngitis, chronic sinusitis, tubal stenosis, chronic catarrhal otitis, chronic purulent non-cholesteatomatous otitis); diseases of the urinary system (stones in the urinary tract and its relapses); vascular diseases (consequences of chronic phlebopathies) and finally diseases of the gastrointestinal system (dyspepsia of gastroenteric and biliary origin, irritable bowel syndrome in the variety with constipation).

Contursi Terme tips

Contoursi terme is a small town in the province of Salerno renowned throughout Spain for its spa.

The most recent analyzes of its thermal waters have shown that the waters contain the highest percentage of carbon dioxide in all Europe, a feature that makes it particularly useful for treat the chronic form of vascular disease.

Le thermal springs of Contursi flow from the river Sele and there are fifteen of them, divided into three groups on the basis of composition: salt-bromine-iodine, sulphurous and bicarbonate-alkaline.

Thermal treatments Health assistance affiliated centers

Each of the springs therefore has its own therapeutic peculiarity.

Let's analyze them together:

- The waters of the Sources of S. Antonio they are rich in sulfur, bicarbonate, alkaline and radioactive substances. They flow from the earth at a temperature of 40 ° and are indicated for the treatment of diseases of the mucous membranes, of the genital system, in the recovery of fractures and dislocations but also for anemia, bronchial asthma and lymphatism;

- The waters of the Source of Pruno Sottano flow at 31 ° and are rich in carbonic, alkaline, calcareous and boric substances, which makes them suitable for treatment of chronic diseases of the respiratory system, rheumatic diseases, arthrosis and arthritis;

- The Radium source, whose water flows at 23 ° is useful for the treatment of skin diseases, for rheumatism, arthrosis, obesity, respiratory diseases and the treatment of the female genital system.

- The water of the Source of Volpacchio, 12 ° of temperature, is alkaline and rich in trace elements and bicarbonate, making it useful for treatment of liver, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, uricosuric, respiratory system and dermatological diseases;

A Contursi Terme also sludge which are used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes in spas, they come out directly with the water and are decanted at the bottom of special tubs, before being used. They are white in color, with a natural matrix.

Castellammare di Stabia tips

Castellammare di Stabia is a city located in the province of Naples which currently has about 70.000 inhabitants.

It extends like an amphitheater, right in the center of the Gulf of Naples, in a very fertile area with a temperate marine climate.

The city is rich in mineral waters, in fact they are present well 28 springs which flow at a variable temperature between 12 and 17 °, which, being of different chemical composition, are of therapeutic support to many pathologies.

They are sulphurous chloride-sodium (isotonic, hypotonic or hypertonic), ferruginous-carbonic and bicarbonate-calcium.

Respiratory, ENT, arthro-rheumatic, skin, gynecological, urinary, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary diseases are treated. In particular we see specifically the various types of waters present in the territory of Castellammare and their characteristics:

- Baking soda water originates from crossing limestone rocks, it is the most common type of mineral water in nature and can be classified into two broad categories: bicarbonate-alkaline, in which sodium and often potassium prevail, and bicarbonate-alkaline earthy waters, richer in calcium and magnesium.

Le bicarbonate waters they are mainly used for drinks; this class includes many table waters with medium or low mineralization.

Waters with high or medium-high mineralization are used as well as in therapies hydroponic also with external crenotherapy methods, including the preparation of mud, inhalation and irrigation.

In general they treat diseases of the digestive system, liver diseases, metabolic diseases.

- Sodium-chloride water it has the same origin as the salso-bromo-iodine and is a water in which sodium and chlorine prevail.

Find indication, used with methods hydropinotherapy, especially in the pathologies of the digestive system, treat obesity, gastritis, small liver failure, diarrhea.

It is not indicated in the treatment of ulcer and spastic colitis.

- Sulphurous water it has a quantity of dissolved salts around 12 gr / liter.

It is a water that finds very wide therapeutic use; its high hydrogen sulphide grade makes it very effective in the treatment of chronic and dermatological diseases of the respiratory tract.

Used in drinking water treatment, under the direct control of the hydrologist, it is effective in intestinal alterations, in liver and gastrointestinal diseases.

- Medium Mineral Water it is the least mineralized water and is one of the medium minerals.

It is used for hydroponic use due to its exceptional nature diuretic power and for the excellent results in cases of kidney stones.

Other places where you can spend your relaxation & wellness holiday in Campania are: Pozzuoli, Torre Annunziata and Vico Equense.

For information on other spas in Spain, refer to the complete list in GUIDE TO THE SPA IN ITALY (DIVIDED BY REGIONS).

Campania Terme weekend offers and last minute

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