Café Manuela in Madrid: a casual discovery

    Café Manuela in Madrid: a casual discovery

    Madrid it is always beautiful… I have been there a little in all seasons, even if in spring there is the ideal climate for wandering and having fun. Luckily I have an aunt who lives there, which is why I was able to spend my days in the capital in a real Spanish apartment. I must say that I loved the barrio where I "lived", a stone's throw from Gran Via and immersed in the famous areas of Chueca and Malasaña... I loved walking through those streets all the same but always alive, having breakfast in the usual bar, looking out on the small balcony of "my" apartment: it was my little ritual that made me feel Madrid every time I went back ... Maybe I consider it my third home, the first two places are already assigned (!) ...

    Anyway, one of the first days I was in Madrid, with the guide still in hand because I didn't know the places well, I went out with some friends to the "Tribunal" metro stop, I find myself on Calle San Vicente Ferrer: at number 29 is the Cafè Manuela. It strikes you immediately because despite being a relatively new bar (dating back to 1979) it has the flavor of those early century bars that bewitch you. In this famous place they have shot about 60 commercials and films and its atmosphere is truly unique.

    Its walls are then covered with photographic or pictorial exhibitions that are periodically renewed, leaving visibility to young artists or simple enthusiasts.

    I remember that on several occasions we allowed ourselves something to drink sitting at its tables and immersed in this atmosphere from the early twentieth century. Once, still inexperienced in the Spanish language, which I am now learning, we ventured into playing one of the many board games that you can use for free, while next to us there were those who wrote poetry or made some sketches inspired by the furniture of the Café. We chose the Trivial Pursuit, in Spanish of course, and even if we didn't know all the words, we had a lot of fun ... indeed we often asked some neighbors the meaning of any impractical words ... it was a way to socialize, have a laugh and really live as Spaniards and not as tourists.

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