Brussels at Christmas, the magic of Belgium

    What to see in Brussels during Christmas, all the magic of wooden houses, on the ice skating rink in Belgium, read our author's post and find low cost flights.

    If you want to make a stop before Christmas in a European capital, or are you planning a few days of relaxation during the Christmas holidays, I recommend Brussels.

    Brussels at Christmas, the magic of Belgium

    Capital of Europe is a city that turns around in a few days and that during this period will make you experience the magic of the holidays. Lights, sounds and an enchanting atmosphere will welcome you upon your arrival in the city, "Plaisirs d'hiver”Is the program of shows and attractions that will animate the city until January.

    In the wonderful Grand Place, the heart and main attraction of the capital, you will find in the center a large tree and the crib, in natural size, with the hut, the characters and the animals around. To capture the true Christmas spirit, the square should be seen in the evening when, from 17 pm onwards, every half hour, one show of sounds and lights it will hold you with your head up. In fact, the palaces, which during the day present themselves in all their baroque richness, during the evening are dressed in colored lights, to the rhythm of pressing and suggestive music.

    Brussels at Christmas, the magic of Belgium

    From the square, the path to discover the Christmas attractions, as well as the city, winds northwards. As soon as you leave the square, before reaching the St. Nicholas church, you will meet different chocolate shops, for the joy of sight and palate, a little less than the wallet because they are real “jewelers” of taste.

    An exhibition (for a fee) for children is set up in the Palazzo della Borsa: "Giants of the Earth”With about 30 large reproductions, dinosaurs, mammouths of the ice age and other animated animals that recreate the atmosphere of prehistory.

    Brussels at Christmas, the magic of Belgium

    Longo Rue de la Bourse, up to Place Sainte Catherine, the markets, with wooden houses and street vendors. On the facade of the gothic cathedral of Santa Caterina, which overlooks this small square, is projected, from 19 pm to 22 pm every thirty minutes, the ice fairy dancing on the spiers and windows, to the delight of young and old. Around the square there are some fishmongers where it is also possible to eat at good prices, just be aware that they are closed in the evening. However, you will be spoiled for choice of where to dine in the many dining options in the area.

    In Marché aux poissons Vismarkt, there are the greatest concentration of chalets and at the bottom of this large space there Ferris wheel from whose top you can see all of Brussels. Halfway there is a beautiful carousel that lights up the square in the evening and adds charm and enchantment.

    Brussels at Christmas, the magic of Belgium

    Not far away, in Place de la Monnaie, in front of the theater of the same name, is the skating rink where you can have fun and show off your skills on the ice. This is the route, the places and all the attractions for your winter stay in Brussels.

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