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Barcelona nightlife

La nightlife in Barcelona is certainly one of the most lively, lively and well organized ofEurope.

According to some it is considered the European capital par excellence of nightlife as it hosts many local, lounge bar, pub, disco bar e discotheques who will be able to satisfy any type of need.

What to do in Barcelona

Le evenings in Barcelona in fact, the main ones start quite late streets and districts of entertainment they begin to populate after 23:30 pm and discotheques they start to fill up around 2.

Recall that most of the night clubs of the city does not have a fixed price as it varies in relation to the evening (most are free by one o'clock) and we advise you to look for some free invitation or some flyer he will give you complimentary drinks.

Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona entertainment districts

Il fun in Barcelona is divided into the various neighborhoods of the city that are chock full of night clubs and people.

Let's find out which are the best together entertainment districts in Barcelona:

Gothic Quarter Barcelona premises

Il fun in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, also called Gothic Quarter, it is insured and it is the right place where you can find the reductions for most of the evenings.

This beautiful and charming neighborhood is located near the Avenue, takes its name from the Old Town with its Gothic monuments and is composed of many streets that intersect with each other.

Here you will find many lounge bar e local very cheap and nice like:

  • Maragarita Blue lounge bar – (Josep Anselm Clave Street, 6)
  • The Benedict Bcn loung & Food - (Carrer d'en Gignas, 23)
  • The Bollocks - (Carrer Ample, 46)
  • Bar Teacher – (Josep Anselm Clave Street, 19).

For music lovers in the Gothic Quarter you will also find local very small and informal offering music of various genres such as:

  • Macarena Music Club - (techno music) Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 5.
  • Harlem Jazz Club - (funk, soul and jazz music) Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8.
  • Sidecar Factory Club – (eclectic music) Plate Reial, 7.
  • Marula Coffee - (Latin music, soul, funk, disco and jazz) Carrer dels Escudellers, 49.

Barcelona family holidays

In addition to the Gothic Quarter and its surroundings, there are other areas to have fun: just above the diagonal between Carrer Balmes and Carrer Casanova there is the area with bars and nightclubs a little further in Barcelona.

But even the district of Gràcia it offers a guaranteed fun, even if it would be better to go there with someone who knows the place well not to get lost in some seedy bar.

Local Barceloneta

Il Barceloneta neighborhood it overlooks the sea in fact it has a beautiful seafront that both night and day is always full of young people.

We remind you that here you can have fun on the beautiful beaches of Barceloneta beach e Sant Sebastia beach which in the summer are animated a lot with appetizers, happy hour e games.

Here are some of the best bars in the Barceloneta district:

  • Opium Bar - (entertainment and house music) Paseo Maritimo, 34.
  • Foc Latin Food & Drink - (soul and jazz music) Passeig Joan Borbó, 66.
  • W-Lounge - (entertainment music) at W Barcelona Hotel, Placa de la Rosa dels Vents, 1.

We recommend that you go to the only Ice Bar in the world located on a beach, on average the entrance costs € 17,5o (including a drink) per person for 45 minutes and is located in Carrer Ramón Trías Fargas, 2.

Recall that in the Barceloneta neighborhood there are some of the best nightclubs in Barcelona which we will talk about later.

Rambla Barcelona

La Avenue is the heart of Barcelona and it is very popular both day and night.

This wide avenue more than 1 km long is located in the center of the old townsa and hosts a myriad of lounge bar e discotheques where to have fun from the morning onwards.

Here are some of them best clubs on the Rambla:

  • Hard Rock Cafe - Plaça de Catalunya, 21
  • Patagonia Bar - La Rambla, 116.
  • Via 70 Lounge Bar Wine & Restaurant - La Rambla, 70.
  • Genoa in 1911 - La Rambla, 77.

Bosco delle Fate Barcelona

In our opinion one of the most suggestive places of the Rambla and the Bosco delle Fate o Fairy forest.

When you enter this place it seems to be in a surreal world, in short, in a wood that we may have only seen in some movie or cartoon.

Here you can enjoy excellent cocktail and, perhaps, the best sangria in Barcelona and is located in Passatge de la Banca, 7.

In our experience these are the best entertainment districts to see in Barcelona.

If you have time there we suggest to spend an evening at Eixamle district which is the modern district of Barcelona, ​​al quarter Grace which is mostly attended by students and al El Born district where you can spend both one romantic evening is a transgressive evening.

Barcelona nightclubs

Le discos in Barcelona have now become legendary and are able to satisfy any type of audience.

- inhabitants of Barcelona they love to party all the time, especially on weekends and tourists they certainly do not lose heart to have fun in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Barcelona's most beautiful nightclubs

Let's see together which are the most beautiful nightclubs in Barcelona:

Shoko Barcelona

Il Word Club It is one of the most elegant and elegant places in Barcelona.

This beautiful club alla moda It has a restaurant, zone bar and area disco and organizes serate ed Events with House music.

Shoko Barcelona is found in the Barceloneta neighborhood in Passeig Maritim, 36.

Pacha Barcelona

Il Pacha is one of most popular nightclubs in Barcelona and is the "daughter" of the famous Ibiza nightclub.

Il local is open every day from 24 to 5/6 in the morning and organizes serate with best DJs in the world.

Pacha Barcelona located in Ramon Trias Vargas, 2.

Razzmattaz Barcelona

Il Razzmattaz o Razzmattaz Room is one of the most important and popular locations in Barcelona.

Il local is located inside a industrial building and is used both as concert hall be like discotheque and is divided into 5 spaces (Razzclub, The Loft, Lolita, Pop Bar and Rex Room) and the music ranges from rock, pop, fromhouse to the techno and from new wave to the indie pop.

Razzmattaz Barcelona is located Carrer de Pamplona, ​​88.

Sutton Barcelona

Il Sutton Club is one of the most elegant clubs in Barcelona.

La location it is frequented mainly by locals, organizes evenings with famous DJs ed exceptional guests and has a Vip card without which it is very difficult to enter.

Sutton Barcelona is located in the Eixample district in Calle Tuset, 13.

Opium Barcelona

La discoteca Opium is one of the most popular of Barcelona and it is really very beautiful.

La location is open every day from 22pm to 6am, has one Terrace where you can dine, organize evenings with international DJs and a little more elegant clothing is required to enter (at least a shirt).

Opium Barcelona It is in the Barceloneta neighborhood in Passeig Maritim, 34.

The Terrace Barcelona

La Club Terrace is one of the most evocative places in Barcelona as it is located on the mountain of Montjuic district overlooking the city.

La location it is outdoors arranges serate ed Events with international DJs and, of course, it is only open in the summer.

The Terrace Barcelona is located at Avenida de Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13.

Apollo Room Barcelona

Apollo Room is one of the most important clubs in the Barcelona nightlife.

La location is located within a former theater and has 2 rooms, Sala Apolo 1 which has an older style like that of the theater and the Apolo Room 2 which is modern and organized serate ed Events with House music, techno music, dubstep, hip hop and also burlesque.

Apollo Room Barcelona si trova in Nou de Rambla, 113.

Otto Zutz Barcelona

THEOtto Zutz and the biggest nightclub in Barcelona and is located inside an old factory.

La location it is on three floors and offers music R&B, , hip hop e house.

Otto Zutz Barcelona is located in Lincoln, 15.

More Barcelona nightclubs to see I'm:

  • Salsa Palace Old San Pues – (bachata, salsa and Latin American music) Gran Via de les corts Catalanes, 770.
  • catwalk – (chill-out, handbang, funky e house) Ramon Trias Fargas, 2.
  • Oak Club - (pachanga, salsa, merengue and Latin American music) Carrer del Rossello, 208.
  • Lover Club - (commercial and house music) Avenida Doctor Maranon, 17.

  • Dome Club - (house and commercial music) La Rambla, 33.
  • The Kids Club - (60s, 70s, rock and indie music) Carrer de Guardia, 3
  • Carpe Diem Lounge Club – (R&B, house and techno music) Passeig Maritim, 32.
  • Boulevard Club - (pop, house and techno music) La Rambla, 27.
  • Input ex The One - (house, techno, electronic and minimal music) Poble Espanyol, Montjuic Park, Marqués de Comillas 13-25.
  • Moog Club – (techno music and anni '80) Arc del Teatre, 3.

Barcelona pub

A Barcelona there are so many of those pub that there is really an embarrassment of choice and, most of these, propose live music.

An original and particular pub not to be missed is The bag.

It is a pub where prices, as on the Stock Exchange, rise and fall according to demand.

Generally cheap, wait for the CRASH, which is the best time to buy and, usually, it is frequented by almost all Catalans.

Others Barcelona pub I'm:

  • Espit Shots Pub - Carrer d'Aribau, 77.
  • La Confiteria Pub - Carrer de Sant Pau, 128.
  • Black Sheep Pub - Carrer de Zamora, 78.
  • Flaherty’s Irish Pub - Plaza Joaquim Xirau.
  • Temple Bar Irish Pub - Carrer de Ferran, 6.
  • Obama English Pub - Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 603.
  • Michael Collins Pub – Holy Family Square, 4

Barcelona night transport

For those interested in the nightlife in Barcelona the only drawback can be found in the scarcity of public transporti, even if i taxi they are cheap in Barcelona.

In fact, the last metro ride is at 2 am on weekends, at midnight on all other days.

At this point it is better to do as the Catalans do: stay in the club until closing time and take the first metro ride with them: the metro restarts at 5.30.

Only from mid-April until October is the Metronit, an initiative for which the metro remains open and functioning non-stop for all Saturday nights and days before holidays.

I hope I have provided a good tip for have fun in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Night clubs and discos images and photos

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