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    4 things to do in Roquetas de Mar

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    The wonderful beaches, the desert that inspired and hosted Sergio Leone's films and many excursions between nature and culture: the ideal starting point for your trip to Andalusia.

    You have decided to take a vacation in the renowned Costa del Sol but do you think it's too chaotic? Do not despair, there is a place for you: Roquetas de Mar. A quiet, comfortable and convenient village to then visit most of theAndalusia. It is the starting point to relax on the long Mediterranean beaches, discover one of the most famous European deserts or go for walks in the Sierra Nevada. In this article we will see 4 things you can do in Roquetas de Mar and its surroundings.

    1. The beaches of Roquetas de Mar

    First of all the beaches. We are still talking about the Costa del Sol. Roquetas de Mar has 13km of wide beach equipped with free showers, palm trees to rest under and chiringuitos, the famous Spanish beach bars. Originally this promenade was even connected to Almería. The waves in this part of the coast are present for most of the year, great if you want to surf, with clear water thanks to the mixture of gravel and sand. The most beautiful and renowned beach is Playa Serena. It is an area that stretches for kilometers, ideal for long walks and for families. For the more adventurous, however, there are also more free and wild beaches for sunbathing.

    2. The culture

    Roquetas de Mar was a simple fishing village before opening up to tourism. Its humble history can still be understood in the simplicity of the town. However, as in allAndalusia, are present traces of the passage of Romans, Moors and Phoenicians. If you want to dedicate yourself to culture and history for a day, then you shouldn't miss the Castillo de Santa Ana. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 13 and from 18 to 21, it is located near the port and is visible from most of the coastal area. The castle dates back to medieval times and currently houses a art Gallery on several floors, as well as a panoramic view from its top. Due to the recent restoration, don't expect period interiors. It is rather an ancient construction adapted to modern taste. Entry is free and it is also possible to admire the collection of naval models exhibited together with medieval paintings.

    3. The Tabernas Desert

    In the province of Almería, a short distance from Roquetas de Mar there are two particular attractions of Spain: the Tabernas desert and Sierra Nevada.

    Il Tabernas desert it is one of the few in Europe, but it is also the most renowned. Because? Because this is where the Spaghetti-Western by Sergio Leone. The landscape is just what you expect in the Far West. Thanks to three theme parks, it is possible to visit the sets of films such as "A Fistful of Dollars" or "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". The most complete park is Mini Hollywood, but the cost is a bit high. However, it is the perfect solution for those with children, as together with western sets, dance shows and horseback riding, you can also visit a small zoo and have fun in the water park.

    4. Trekking near Roquetas de Mar

    If you are looking for nature and adventure, then it is there Sierra Nevada that's right for you. Sierra Nevada is a National Park included in the list of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Thanks to the high peaks and the perennial snow present on their peaks, the Sierra Nevada enjoys a perfect climate for trekking even during the summer. One of the better routes it winds for 300km for the whole mountain range, allowing you to enjoy all the beauties of this park.

    In addition, Roquetas de Mar could become your base for exploring the rest of the Costa del Sol, for visiting the UNESCO site of Granada or for discovering the little known Almería.

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