10 meat restaurants in Milan not to be missed

Meat restaurants in Milan: 10 not to be missed

 1) Nordic Grill (S.Ambrogio)

2) The Dogana del Buongusto (Ticinese)

This historic restaurant focuses on the flavors of classic Milanese cuisine, without forgetting the owner's Finnish origins. On the one hand you will find the classic elephant ear (excellent!), On the other hand the tender fillet of venison marinated with bitter orange jam. A gem: the zigogna of beef with lard with herbs, a skewer typical of Valtellina. It is a restaurant that I particularly recommend also to wine connoisseurs; here you will find more than 300 labels and 3 sommeliers in the room (which are not even found in the starred!) ready to suggest the best combinations. Do not underestimate the fact that bread, pasta and desserts are strictly homemade. The place is very nice and Niccolò's welcome is amazing !! PS one Thursday a month they organize free tastings of an Italian winery. Price: 35-40 euros per person

3) Osteria Conchetta (Navigli- Bocconi)

4) Trattoria Arlati (Bicocca)

5) Trattoria del Nuovo Macello (Porta Vittoria)

6) Seven

7) Osteria Garden of Secrets (Five Days)

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