Where to sleep in New York: the best areas and tips for booking

Choosing where to sleep in New York it is certainly not easy, especially if it is the first time you visit the Big Apple. The difficulty is also due to the not cheap prices of hotels and lodges. New York is the second most expensive city in the world where to sleep and the cost of accommodation, together with that of the flight, is one of the main costs of the trip.

Choosing and booking a hotel or a hotel is a fundamental step to visit the Big Apple. In this short guide we want to not only provide you with information on how and where to book a hotel in New York, but also provide useful advice.

Where to look for the hotel

Today it is very easy to book a hotel online, even for a mega metropolis like New York. The best booking portals allow you to receive all information on the hotel structure such as: images, location, availability, prices, room services, reviews, check-in and check-out times, and much more.

Also, they allow even if you don't know English an easy booking. All information is provided in Spanish. However, it is necessary to pay close attention to don't get the dates wrong and if the journey is still perhaps better prefer a cancelable reservation for free.

The best hotel booking portals for New York are:



The best areas

New York is divided into 5 neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens and Bronx. But which areas are the best and which are the worst?

Certainly the best neighborhood to sleep in New York is Manhattan, even if it is the most expensive area. The average cost of one night is around $ 120 per person.

Good hotels can also be found in Brooklyn, Long Island e Queens. For the same quality, prices in these neighborhoods are cheaper than in Manhattan. However, it should be noted that most of New York's attractions are concentrated in Manhattan. Therefore, to save on accommodation, it is necessary to take into account greater time and expenses for travel.

Safety: Manhattan is the safest area, but also the most expensive. New Jersey or the Bronx are the least safe areas or neighborhoods and those where the cheapest prices are found. We always advise against saving at the expense of security.

To know

The visit of the city takes at least 2 days. There duration optimal for a trip or vacation to New York is 3 to 5 days.

In choosing the hotel avoid those with the lowest prices. Hotels offering the lowest prices are definitely to be avoided. The cheaper prices often hide various problems of the structure such as location, safety and quality of services. It would end up ruining the whole vacation. Better to spend a little more for the hotel, and save on restaurants, perhaps by choosing fast food.

Some hotels may require one credit card upon arrival. Check the conditions before booking. If you do not have a credit card, no problem, choose one that does not require it, there are many who do not require it.

Sometimes the room price does not include the cup (14,75%) and extra expenses.

Choose accommodation with one subway station nearby.

If your trip includes visiting New York only, better not to rent the car. Most hotels do not have car parking spaces and the parking spaces in the city are not free, but quite expensive. You can get around very well by public transport, such as the subway.

Where to sleep in New York: the best areas and tips for booking
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