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    Where to sleep in Ithaca, a place out of time

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    A fascinating island full of history and literature: here you will find the unique charm of Greece, many apartments for rent and very few hotels. In the post, all the tips for staying in Ithaca.

    For many travelers it remains a destination a little outside the usual routes, but for this very reason Ithaca boasts the beauty, genuineness and authenticity of a place out of time and by the rules that tourism usually imposes. With this post I would like to give you four suggestions on where to sleep in Ithaca.

    How to reach Ithaca

    To reach the island is possible arrive by plane to Kefalonia and from there take a ferry to Ithaca. It is advisable to visit the island by renting a car, because the roads are not suitable for scooters and mopeds in general.

    What to expect

    An advice: do not rush to visit it! Ithaca deserves at least five days but if you can extend the time of your stay it is better, because it will be when you are about to leave that you will want to stay longer. This is because Ithaca reveals itself little by little and leaves an inexplicable sense of nostalgia inside. Perhaps it is precisely the sensation that Ulysses felt when he had to leave the island ... who knows.

    In short, do not take the day trip that takes you to Ithaca from Kefalonia because you will not fully enjoy its beauty, its fame and its hospitality. The island is shaped like a butterfly, it is small, but do not underestimate what it has to offer and how much it will be able to be appreciated.

    Where sleeping in Ithaca

    1. Vathi

    As a choice for your stay in Ithaca I recommend Vathi, as it is a quiet but at the same time lively place (forget the unbridled nightlife).
    Ithaca is dotted with bars, typical clubs, taverns and tasteful souvenir shops. With regard to craftsmanship, here you can indulge yourself because there are unique handmade pieces of good quality and the artisans and shopkeepers will not hesitate to let you in to show you their wares by providing you with some interesting anecdote.

    2. Stavros

    Stavros is a village of 700 inhabitants, therefore very small, it does not offer many hotel solutions but only apartments for rent. It can be the ideal destination for those who love the most absolute quiet and want to feel an integral part of the Hellenic landscape that has remained more intact.

    3. Kioni

    Kioni was built by the inhabitants of the island who wanted to move from the mountain near the sea. It is like an amphitheater, boats of various sizes dock there throughout the summer. The feature that attracts the visitor are the countless bars and taverns overlooking the harbor. During the sunset it is nice to walk while admiring the sun hiding behind the peaks. Here you will find many apartments to stay, some of which are particularly beautiful and typical, built respecting the Hellenic tradition.

    4. Frikes

    The fishing village that has seen itself catapulted into tourism almost without realizing it. From small boats that docked there in the past to the yachts of today, Frikes is ideal for those who own a boat and want a quiet place to stop. But of course you can find various solutions to stay in the apartment. As you can see, there are not many hotels around here.

    I think I have given you an overview on where to stay in Ithaca, according to everyone's tastes and preferences. One thing is certain: your stay on this island will remain unforgettable!

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