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Paxos the small pearl of the Ionian islands

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The island of butterflies advice and information

Paxos, also known by the name Passo, is one of the smallest of the Ionian islands and, together with the contiguous islet of Antipaxos, is part of the archipelago of the island of Corfu.

The capital of Paxos è Gaios, a fishing port protected by the islets of Agios Nikolaos e Panagia; other small and picturesque harbors are Loggos e Lakka.

Paxos Gaios

Gaios is the main port ofPaxos island as well as the major touristic center.

Paxos beaches

This beautiful town is enclosed by two small islands, Panagia where you can admire a small white monastery e Agios Nikolaos which forms one natural dam leading to the beautiful inlet of port of Gaios.

A Gaios you will really find everything, starting with apartments and ed hotels to get to market, shops, cafes e tavern.

Paxos Lakka

The small port of Lakka is the second largest of thePaxos island and is located on the extreme northern tip.

Lakka it's a village whose bath is is beautiful and unspoiled, is surrounded by cypresses e oliveti and most of the buildings are in Venetian style.

Here you will find two beaches incredibly beautiful as well as many restaurants e tavern.

Paxos Logos

Loggos is the smallest village in thePaxos island and is located in the eastern part of the island.

Here you will find many bars and many taverns where you can spend a peaceful evening.

Paxos how to get there

Reaching the island of Paxos it's very simple.

If you mean reach Paxos by plane you will have to land at Corfu to then take a ferry (an hour and a half crossing) or a 'hydrofoil (one hour crossing).

Corfu beaches

be quartermaster reach Paxos by sea you will have to take a ferry from Toast firm a Igoumenitsa then get to Paxos.

Antipaxos Greece

Antipaxos, also known as Antipasso, is located 3km away from thePaxos island and is part ofarchipelago of Corfu.

This tiny island is entirely covered with vineyards, Has beautiful beaches and owns a unique port that of Agrapidia.

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