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    Where to sleep in Amsterdam: Hotel Robert Ramon

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    THE Robert Ramon Hotel is a design hotel located in the city center of Amsterdam, just off the last circle of canals, in one of the most exclusive Dutch shopping streets, the PC Hooftstraat. The location allows you to move freely on foot, but also to easily reach the airport and the railway station of the city. It is located only 50 meters from the Rijksmuseum and 100 meters from the Van Gogh Museum. Also nearby is Leidseplein, the pizza of the nightlife.

    The hotel was completely renovated about a year ago and now has a total of 51 rooms, most of them are small in size especially the singles, but the doubles are comfortable despite being a little dark. Each room is non - smoking and the furniture is classic Dutch design.

    Il Robert Ramon Hotel it is also an ideal place to celebrate important events, as rooms and everything related to their organization are made available by the staff, including romantic dinners.

    La flaw of the hotel perhaps it is the chaos generated by the traffic of the street that runs alongside it and the lack of wi-fi connection inside the rooms, as it can be used for free only in the common area of ​​the hotel.

    Continental breakfast is not included in the room rate, but must be requested separately at the cost of 9,50euro, very abundant and above all expensive, better go to one of the cafes nearby.

    Despite everything, it is an excellent hotel that combines quality and price, especially considering its own position.


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