Sugar & Spice: American taste in Florence for Thanksgiving

A Firenze there are a couple of places that serve American pastry, not only because Americans are the largest nationality among tourists, but also because many foreign students spend long periods of study in the city in US universities. Considering that Thursday November 22 it is celebrated Thanksgiving you might take advantage to drop by Sugar & Spice, in Borgo La Croce 15R to look for goodness made in the USA.

La proprietress is Mrs. Innocenti, originally from New York, who personally prepares all the desserts, so that upon entering you are enveloped in a delicious scent of cinnamon and apples. The small room is furnished in style Years' 50 with memorabilia of the time (especially records) and some cute touches of pink. Basically here you can order any type of dessert, for birthdays or weddings letting your imagination run wild on the decorations; but if you just want to have lunch or a snack, desserts come sold in slices and they are American classics:  apple pie, Carrot Cake, pumpkin  cake, the wonderful fruit crumble.

But the bagels are also good, stuffed in various ways. Special the classic New York with cream cheese and salmon (€ 4,20), but the one stuffed with is also excellent Philadelphia and olive cream, which is also cheaper, 3 €.

3,50 for a slice of cake with cup of free American coffee. Ms. Innocenti also bakes delicious cupcakes, brownies, and organizes pastry courses on Mondays.

Sugar & Spice is open from 10am to 19.30pm, is closed on Mondays and serves a full American breakfast one Sunday a month.

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