Valencia, where to eat fish and paella by the sea

Valencia, where to eat fish and paella by the sea

Go to Valencia it is not just about eating paella, even if it is certainly one of the things that you absolutely must try, especially if it is the first time you taste it. Going to Valencia is also eating somegreat fish, especially in the restaurants along the beach.

In the beautiful days of May, but also in April, as summer is announced very early here, you can have a lunch by the sea, kissed by the Spanish sun. Here, starting from the port, from the very famous port of Valencia, you can reach all the restaurants on the coast. Beware that many are just decoy, with the classic bouncers who will try to convince you to enter.

Other restaurants are really good. Look well, often i club names change from season to season and I cannot give you concrete help in this case, the only things you really need to see is that we do not have buttadentro, that they do not have prohibitive prices and that they do not have too many menus in sight, otherwise good fish eaten.

Where to eat Paella for less than 10 €

I Aurora's advice they had taken us, a few years ago, to explore the places to eat paella with 10 € in Valencia. She advised us The Sidreria el Molinon, but also El Pescadito. A good paella in Valencia is impossible to resist, even more so if it is cheap. Scrapping the bottom of the pan with a fork and taking all the remaining beans is one of those joys that only those who have already visited Valencia can understand!

How to recognize a good paella?

A true Valencian would never ask for a mixta paella, if they are offering it to you then, be wary and change local, or ask to bring you something else. Valencian paella is only meat, but there is also fish paella of course and dozens of variations that each have a different and precise name and that you can learn (so as not to make a bad impression) in our post on how to recognize a real paella in Valencia.

Three places to eat good fish in Valencia

We finally come to the core of this post, where to eat well fish in Valencia? I have tasted it, more than once, on the sea. First of all, take a nice walk along the seafront, maybe arrive in the morning, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, in short, get a little hungry. Don't arrive too early in the morning, because you know what the Spaniards are like, there is no eating here until 15pm and 16pm. Try to get tired well and arrive at the table with the desire to experiment and taste the best of Valencian cuisine.

 La Pepica, the first place we recommend is where the paella is Hemingway ate too. Recently tried in Valencia this restaurant always leaves satisfied. For a classic and historical paella, this is where you have to come. The price is around € 27 per paella per person.

Carmela House, also tried this several years ago and I must say, I was definitely satisfied, perhaps even more than when I went to eat at La Pepica. The place is more spartan and also a little more low cost, the food seemed excellent, the fish appetizers a marvel, paella, needless to say, super.

THElast place that I tried and that I would like to advise you so much, is further away from the first two I mentioned. Actually I don't remember the name of the restaurant :( but the photo of the lunch I ate there is this one above, at least you have a little clue in case you want to go and look for it. fish was yummy and also the fresh white wine, with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, I remember having a fantastic day at the beach.

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