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Useful Info

Before leaving, here are some important information and tips for a wonderful trip or vacation to discover the United States of America. This guide can be especially useful for someone who has never traveled outside Europe, and has never been to the USA.


Before leaving, one of the main things to have with you are the necessary documents and required to enter the USA. For the Spaniards at the moment we are writing the article they are necessary passport valid until the date of return to Spain and theESTA authorization to be requested online. We always remember to check the necessary documents for any trip you want to make on the Viaggiare Sicuri website.

If you want to rent a car, many US states require you to own a car for driving international driving license. Find out if an international driving license is required for the state or states you want to visit. It is also advisable to have a credit card required by most rental companies.

Travel Insurance

Take out travel insurance before you leave. It can be easily booked and purchased online and allows you to make a more peaceful journey. After travel documents (passport and ESTA), it is one of the most important things to have while traveling.


The climate is very variable in such a large nation made up of 50 states, ranging from Alaska practically to the North Pole to Florida, a tropical paradise. For more detailed information it is advisable to check the climate of the state or even better of the places to visit.

What to pack

Is very important choose well what to pack, especially if you can't take many things with you. Find out about the climate in the state, especially during the travel period.

Please note: do not pack foods, plants or other objects not accepted upon entry into the States. Airport entry regulations are very strict.


In America, the most accepted and used method of payment is by credit card. You can also pay for coffee or a bag of chips by card. Plan your travel expenses well. It is advisable to have with you multiple means of payment: cash (cash), debit and credit cards (useful if you have to rent a car).

Useful Info
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