Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa to work in New Zealand, how to get it, how much it costs, how long it lasts, why it is necessary to do it and what it entitles you, all expenses and much more in this post.

Beyond the most popular destinations, such as the United States and Australia, the New Zealand it could be the ideal solution for those who want to move and experience an adventure on the other side of the world. With the Working Holiday Visa, you can!

Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

Literally on the other side of the world from Italy, New Zealand is like one happy island (actually, two!) In the middle ofPacific Ocean, just over 2.000 kilometers from its cousin Australia.

New Zealand fascinates and attracts thousands of backpackers every year thanks to many of its characteristics: unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes, excellent quality of life, generally higher salaries and relatively more job opportunities, lean bureaucracy and strong economy and, finally, a high level of security.

For those who are not satisfied with a simple vacation and want to live an authentic experience in this country, the New Zealand government offers a visa that potentially offers endless opportunities: the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) or working holiday visa.

Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

What is the Working Holiday Visa

Young travelers who want to experience New Zealand culture in depth, or who are looking for an experience away from home, a work and a better lifestyle: this is the ideal target of the Working Holiday Visa, available for about thirty countries - including Italy - which have entered into agreements with New Zealand.

The WHV is a flexible and "multipurpose" visa, because it allows you to:
To work
Unfortunately no more than 3 months with the same employer, but it is still possible to find good temporary jobs that allow you to gain experience, increase your skills and save some money. The most frequent jobs are within the catering and hospitality sectors, or in the construction or agriculture / livestock sectors. However, there are also other occasions, such as in shops, agencies or companies, or as an au pair with a local family.

Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

To study
This can be done in any institution that welcomes foreign students, and for a maximum of 6 months. A unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge in many different fields of study and professional preparation.

Of course! With the WHV you can travel anywhere on the two islands of New Zealand, without any restrictions. During the duration of the visa, you can also enter and leave the country as often as you wish.

The Working Holiday Visa is a visa only temporary and, for Italian citizens, it has a duration of 12 months - starting from the day you set foot on New Zealand territory -; it can be renewed for another 3 months if you can prove that you have worked for a period of time within the agricultural or wine sector.

Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

What are the requirements for obtaining the WHV in New Zealand

Few but specific requirements are needed to be eligible for the Working Holiday Visa application:

1. Be aged between 18 and 31;
2. Be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the moment you enter New Zealand;
3. Satisfy the requirements of health and good conduct (this basically means not having serious infectious diseases and having a clean criminal record);
4. Have a return ticket (or enough money to buy one);
5. Possess the funds necessary for its maintenance; the standard figure, at this moment, is set at 4,200$ (about € 2.700);
6. Having taken out health insurance that covers the entire stay in New Zealand (insurance can be purchased through various private companies, even online);
7. Do not have children or dependent partners, because the WHV is strictly personal.

Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

Some of these requirements must be specified when applying for a visa. At customs, you will rarely be asked to provide proof of how much money you have, but it's always better leave prepared and stick to the rules!

How to get the WHV for New Zealand

Italian citizens can apply for the Working Holiday Visa Online only, accessing the official website of the New Zealand government.
The procedure is very simple and streamlined. First of all, you need to register on the aforementioned site, choosing your username and password. Then, with your passport and credit card in hand, you go on to fill in the form, an operation that takes no more than 15 minutes (but a minimum of English is required!); at the end, the payment is made online. If all goes well, the confirmation email takes less than a week to arrive and, at that point, the visa in electronic format will be visible on your account, ready to download and print.

Moving to New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa

At the moment, the cost of the Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand amounts to 170$, to which is added a tax of 38$, for a total of $ 208 (about € 130). With a visa, health insurance and some savings on your credit card, you are ready for a new adventure in the land of kiwis.

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