Hobbit motel: the lord of the rings in reality

How to live in reality a Lord of the Rings experience: Hobbit Motel - staying in the Hobbit house

There are many people who love the famous saga of "The Lord of the Rings", lovers of castles, magicians and enchanted places. So what's better than reliving in one of those places surrounded by greenery where hobbits eat, dance and drink beer until dawn?

Today all this is possible thanks to Barry Woods (aka Billy Black), an Australian, who built, following the information taken from the trilogy, a real hobbit house, using it as MOTEL, located inside the Woodlyn Park, about 2 hours from Auckland, Rotorua and Taupo and only 2 minutes from Caverne Waitomo.

This extravagant tourism project has even been mentioned in the Top Ten of the most unusual places to stay in the world followed by more than 30 million people.

The first amusement park in the world without electricity was built in Veneto and is called "Ai Pioppi"

It is to be expected that Billy Black's turnover will increase considerably… not bad for a sheep shearer who has become a multimillionaire thanks to an idea as strange as it is fascinating from a tourist point of view.

But the surprises of this park and Billy Black continue. In addition toHobbit Motel il Woodlyn Park includes two other anomalous complexes: "The Waitomo Express"and "Plane Motel".

The first is an authentic 50s wagon completely restored and used as accommodation for a single group, so that you can enjoy the company of farm animals or the chirping of birds in absolute relaxation; the second one of the last aircraft used in Vietnam.

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