Aukland, save in a weekend between nature and the city

    Time jump! I start from Hawaii on 9 May, almost in summer, and I land on 11, in autumn, at the antipodes. Flying across the Pacific always releases something magical. But the crisp air of Aukland it is a real cure-all. THE autumn colors of trees they mix with the intense green of the meadows that fill every space in this delightful city. Having already spent some pennies for your Round the World ticket (but I always remember the economy plus fare!), Even here in Aukland we will try to find economic solutions.

    First of all, you can easily walk around the city, avoiding taxis and buses (NZ $ 2,50), to get to know the local urban culture, which mainly revolves around organic cafes, restaurants and clubs that are never really crowded. In fact, unless you are in a rugby match you will never find yourself in claustrophobic situations: Kiwi (this is the name of New Zealanders) are relaxed and peaceful.

    To sleep book from Base Backpackers, with beds for less than 15€. Central and well served. There are tons of other solutions, but this one seems the most interesting.

    The cheapest way to visit the fantastic SkyTower tower became the landmark main city is to book from orbit, the restaurant at the top of the tower (190 meters and is also revolving). It costs 30NZ $ (€ 18) for a modest meal, but that way you save the $ 25NZ entrance fee to climb to the top of the tower, and access to the skydeck is also included where you can enjoy the breathtaking view. And if sometimes you can even do bungee jumping.

    If you are looking for culture, your obligatory stop is theAuckland Museum, where you can learn all about New Zealand history and Maori culture. Admission is free or by donation. There Maori culture, strongly oriented to the Earth and exquisitely physical, deserves a deepening with the guided tour (20NZ $). Inside it houses the reconstruction of a sacred hut, built to represent the human body. Charming.

    If you stay at least 2 days in Auckland, consider spending at least half a day in Waiheke Island to taste the New Zealand wine. Although recent - the first vinifications date back to the late 70s - today the kiwi wineries are gaining international respect. You have two options. Or a bus tour (I recommend Ananda) or take a rent a bike in town, take it for free on the boat and wander around the cellars of the island, where the wine for tasting will be served at no cost. Also take a look at the oil producers: there are some that offer good quality products. If you are in romantic trip, and a little less low-cost, spend a night at five stars Boatshed. Really homemade atmosphere, great food and lots of intimacy, for a 3 * price.

    If you want to take a day trip to the rest of the north island take the companies Auckland rent-a-car they offer rentals for 20 € per day. A good opportunity to visit the western beaches and stroll the green hills inhabited mainly by sheep (the ratio is about 200 sheep for one inhabitant). A kaleidoscope of landscapes that you will hardly find elsewhere.

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