Cevapčići, what to eat in Croatia

I cevapcici they are a dish based on minced meat, variously spiced, they are eaten not only in Croatia and in the Balkans but also in Pordenone and in north-eastern Italy. What is known about the ćevapčići is that they were first served in Belgrade around 1860 near the Great Market. The owner of the restaurant where they were served is said to have enriched himself so much that with the money he was able to build a church in his home region.

They present themselves as cylindrical meatballs . They are usually composed of beef and lamb, seasoned with salt. They are served cooked on the barbecue, on the grill or on the plate. They are usually eaten with diced onion or rings, and ajvar, one spicy sauce prepared with ground red peppers and spices. A variation sees them floured and browned in a pan. On request it is possible to have them with a ball of cheese.

In this case I ate them inside a sandwich, including sauces. Great!

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